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1130223 - Rep Luna, Burchett, Moskowitz, Gaetz, Burlison held bipartisan press conference exposing Rep Mike Turner and unelected beurocrats in the Pentagon refusing to share the truth about UAPs and UFOs with congress.
12032023 - NBC Meet the Press carefully covers some parts of the UAP UFO Congressional disclosure situation. Ryan Graves, David Fravor, and Congressmen Tim Burchette speak. But analyze the subtlety of NBC narrative.
Lawyer for Lue Elizondo Danny Sheehan explains the UAP Disclosure Act, exposes congressman Mike Turner, the CIA, Lockheed Martin, Radiant Technology, and the military industrial complex. Corruption, greed, murder, and deception.
Alien Detectives Club Episode 2 full podcast - we catch up on the latest october 2023 news and theories!
Ufology 1000 by Matt Ready
Matt Ready message to the children of earth in light of the United Nations and Galactic Federation both failing to help free the USA from unknown secret control majesticly hidden mj12 antartica moon fools.
If not the United Nations, will the Galactic Federation please contact humanity through or other online service and negotiate the assistance to all Earth to non human cooperation.
United Nations, it appears our president JFK was killed by forces within the US government. Numerous credible reports the CIA was involved. Please help us.
Matt Ready makes a proposal to the United Nations to intervene and help the United States reestablish a valid democracy.
more from lacerta. mimicry and secrets.
To begin, lets review the true history of earth. Can we trust Lacerta to be telling us more truth than NASA and all US Universities and public schools? Lacerta said
Shall we create utopia in our solar system? Will the aliens help?
Hey kids a message from Matt Ready for the September 2023 new school year. Aliens are smurfing real.
Trillionare Risssk , the ultimate tactical simulation of human life and history including Antartica, the Moon, Atlantis, The sun, all planets and local known entities, the galactic center, andromeda, and God.
Wally John - a song dedicated to my Walter Johnson High School Class of 1991, an alien disclosure anthem performed by an amazing Italian pop artist.