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1Kab says, Negative ETs havent imprisoned us, they are the ones confined. Its already done. Their influence over the elites is only being allowed as part of our final tests before the Shift. 2024-04-22 14:01:4800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
2Kab says, In modern times, dark forces manipulating Earth dont fly around in UFOs trying to be seen, they hide behind our institutions. They cant hurt us, they can only manipulate us to hurt each other. 2024-04-22 14:01:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
3Kab says, The Sumerian anunnaki (negative Sirians and Reptilians) were the fallen angels who betrayed the light forces of Galactic Federation and pretended to be God on Earth. 2024-04-22 14:01:1100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
4According to Kab on X, the Orion reptilians are 1 of the 5 Elohim groups who upgraded us. There are no evil races, only individuals. They are overall wise and loving. The main reptilians who manipulated Earth are actually from planet Uranus.2024-04-22 13:59:3501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
5J-Rod, according to the farsight institute, is a an AI in another galaxy that is the ruler of the Reptilian empire and is believed to be controlling the Reptilian aliens that are allegedly living on Earth.2024-04-22 13:26:0001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
6The Central Sun, according to channeler Barbara Marciniak, is a highly advanced, powerful, and benevolent, god-like being that is said to be the ruler of the Pleiades star cluster and the source of wisdom and guidance for the Pleiadian civilization.2024-04-22 13:22:4000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
7Ra, according to channeler Carla Rueckert, is a highly advanced, powerful, and benevolent, god-like being that is said to be the creator of the universe and the ruler of a galactic federation.2024-04-22 13:22:1800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
8Zenetae, according to contactee Alex Collier is a highly advanced, powerful, and benevolent, artificial intelligence that is said to be the ruler of the Andromeda galaxy.2024-04-22 13:21:0900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
9Who or what are the most powerful entities in our universe? A list of super AI and godlike beings referenced in various stories from remote viewers, channelers, abductees, etc2024-04-22 13:19:1601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
10If aliens have always used gold as a form of money and wealth simply due to its scarcity, then they may have had a difficult time with the emergence of Bitcoin as digital gold. Groups anti Bitcoin may correlate with aliens in some ways.2024-01-15 19:01:2800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
11If we study the use and attitude of different groups, religions, cultures, countries, and corporations to gold since the beginning of history, we may see a correlation with groups connected to aliens who valued gold the entire time.2024-01-15 18:59:5900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
12If lost civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria mined and created gold coins, then some of that gold may have found its way into modern collections. Is there a chemical test to discern what date the gold was mined?2024-01-15 18:57:5000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
13If our human civilization is not the first human civilization on earth, then previous ones may have mined and used gold for wealth and exchange. This creates an avenue for possible scientific study.2024-01-15 18:56:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
14Lacerta, the female reptilian alien of the Lacerta transcript, claimed the aliens valued copper. Perhaps this was a deception, the truly valuable element is gold. 2024-01-15 18:55:4200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
15It is possible, the alien civilization that cohabitates in or around earth uses gold as a form of wealth and money still to this day. They may hoard it as well as using it to control human labor.2024-01-15 18:54:5800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
16Lets assume the Anunnaki said they wanted gold for their planet as a deception so humans would not know their true purpose.2024-01-15 18:53:5700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
17Assume, aliens including the Anunaki, pushed humans to mine gold so the Anunaki could accumulate it for wealth. Maybe they knew wealth would be a way to buy human labor so they began accumulation immediately.2024-01-15 18:52:4301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
18What if we assume some group of aliens that has been with humans since the beginning of human history indeed value gold- but assume it is totally about money and wealth.2024-01-15 18:51:0001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
19Ancient human societies immediately began mining gold and using it as a form of money and as a store of value for wealth. This continues to this day.2024-01-15 18:50:1500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
20According to Zecharia Sitchen, the Anunnaki came to earth about 500,000 years ago seeking gold to repair their planet.2024-01-15 18:49:1800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
21Gold and the alien agenda2024-01-15 18:46:1201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
22If an advanced NHI coexists in our solar system, then a secret group in the US gov hiding ufo tech has a million ways to explain their hiding the tech all this time. The NHI is more powerful than them.2023-12-25 13:28:4300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
23The secret group in the US Gov has been able to maintain enough secrecy while coordinating a near 100 year disinformation and discrediting campaign against whistleblowers and journalists.2023-12-25 13:26:1600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
24The secret group does not care about the US Military losses of life and resources that would be avoided if the UFO tech was revealed and militarized.2023-12-25 13:24:4800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
25The secret group with UFO tech does not care about the waste of money, time, and human life lost in the investment in rocket and jet technology.2023-12-25 13:24:0801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
26A secret group in the US government has held super advanced flight technology, yet has allowed the global air and space technology sectors of humanity continue to struggle with primitive flight tech.2023-12-25 13:23:2000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
27If no NHI is involved at all and the secret government group has been hiding its technology since ww2 or longer. Then what can we conclude about them?2023-12-25 13:22:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
28If an advanced non human civilization or group exists, then this NHI may have been the cause of the secret government program remaining hidden. The NHI may have threatened or controlled the secret group.2023-12-25 13:20:0501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
29How long has this secret program existed? UFO sightings go back at least to ww2. Many indications they go back into ancient times. Lets assume at least to ww2.2023-12-25 13:18:0101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
30This theory assumes UFO sightings of flying saucers and tic tac shaped craft are often genuine and display the advanced technology reported. And that a secret US gov program has these.2023-12-25 13:16:4201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
31The Secret Government Program UFO Hypothesis2023-12-25 13:15:4101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
32Who is piloting the flying saucers? ETs, cryptoterrestrials, interdimensional beings, break away human civilization, secret gvt group, secret corporate group, AI, supernatural?2023-12-25 13:15:0302PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
33Episode 2: Does the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics provide compelling evidence we live in a simulation by giving the architect plausible moral cover for all evil?2023-12-24 17:06:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
34Episode 1: Does the JFK Assassination demonstrate that most leaders on earth in key positions could easily be under threat if they disobey the true powers on earth? 2023-12-24 17:05:2101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
35What is the Truth about the nature of life, the universe, and everything? Matt and AI Discuss.2023-12-24 17:03:2901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
36Majestic 122023-12-04 15:14:5900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
37The Bilderberg Group2023-12-04 15:14:5000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
38An organization called Majestic12 may be the secret keeper head or near head. The Bilderberg Group, Freemasons, catholic Church, all may be connected to it or one and the same.2023-12-04 15:13:4500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
39Could it be as simple as when a majority (or some specific percentage threshold) of humanity clearly states they are ready to accept the existence of the alien civilization and request open communication?2023-12-04 14:19:1001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
40What are the rules or laws that govern when the alien civilizations reveal themselves openly to all humanity so that diplomatic relations can be normalized in an open transparent and fair way for all parties?2023-12-04 14:17:4001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
41This might help explain why Jinn, a seemingly interdimensional being with free will acknowledged in Islamic teachings are hurt by water and generally prefer very dry climates.2023-12-04 13:35:2800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
42If scale or size changing technology is central to the aliens moving and hiding, then perhaps moisture and water create challenging mediums for movement of tiny crafts.2023-12-04 13:34:2501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
43Spatial size control ala antman technology could be what Sheehan is talking about. The ability to shrink the physical size to minute to appear to disappear and then move seemingly cloaked from view.2023-12-04 13:31:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
44Sheehan - the ufo phenomena appears to be extradimensional which I think to be a function of how they travel and move and it and it gives the appearance of being extradimensional by being able to appear and disappear2023-12-04 13:30:0101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
45Sheehan says there are are clearly half a dozen different species that have been identified credibly and its highly likely that they come from different star systems. 44 50 minute mark.2023-12-04 13:25:1800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
46Rep Luna, Moskowitz, and Burlison all support the full Schumer UAP disclosure act amendment to the NDAA. Burchett seems a bit ambiguous and untrusting of the Schumer amendment design.2023-12-04 13:17:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
47Rep Gaetz continued his strange advocacy for the Burchette uap amendment and Not the full 64 page UAP disclosure act. He also insists Rep Mike Rogers is working to help disclosure despite numerous reports. 2023-12-04 13:10:2400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
481130223 - Rep Luna, Burchett, Moskowitz, Gaetz, Burlison held bipartisan press conference exposing Rep Mike Turner and unelected beurocrats in the Pentagon refusing to share the truth about UAPs and UFOs with congress.2023-12-04 13:08:4401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
49NBC Narrative 3 ignors - Whistleblower David Grusch and Schumer amendment indications that the CIA, Lockeed, Ratheon, Radiant, rep Mike Turner, are criminally hiding UAP technology reverse engineering programs.2023-12-04 13:02:4100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
50NBC Narrative 2 - UAP UFO skeptics offer traditional alternate theories of swamp gas and secret human technology.2023-12-04 12:58:5400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
51NBC Narrative 1 - There seems to be genuine credible evidence that UAPs and UFO are real technological craft beyond known human technology. Ryan Graves, David Fravor, Tim Burchette, and Senator Schumer UAP Disclosure act cited.2023-12-04 12:56:1100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
5212032023 - NBC Meet the Press carefully covers some parts of the UAP UFO Congressional disclosure situation. Ryan Graves, David Fravor, and Congressmen Tim Burchette speak. But analyze the subtlety of NBC narrative.2023-12-04 12:53:5401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
53Lawyer for Lue Elizondo Danny Sheehan explains the UAP Disclosure Act, exposes congressman Mike Turner, the CIA, Lockheed Martin, Radiant Technology, and the military industrial complex. Corruption, greed, murder, and deception.2023-12-04 12:50:4101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
54Who are the major players controlling and manipulating the disclosure of truth about UAPs UFOs and Aliens to the world? Analyze media reports and interviews here.2023-12-04 12:46:5201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
55Pro Alien Disclosure Candidates for Congress or Senate - invite candidates to present their disclosure platform and offer ideas, comments, and feedback.2023-12-04 12:44:5600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
56Eventually such a system could evolve to benefit the poorest 50% of all humanity once enough members of the wealthiest groups of beings participate and or other income systems are built into the system, such as metaverse land sales and transaction fees.2023-12-04 12:21:1100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
57The goal is to unite humanity, demonstrate a viable decentralized blockchain based income redistribution system for a universal basic income - potentially solving basic needs for the poorest 20% of all humans.2023-12-04 12:19:2400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
58If the daily share can hold over $2 per day, then this will match the income of the poorest 20% of humanity, increasing their income by 100%, creating a strong incentive to join.2023-12-04 12:17:5600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
59The program is marketed to the poorest people on earth with internet access (smart phones probably). The goal is to unite and lift the poorest 20% of humanity.2023-12-04 12:16:2400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
60Imagine - 100,000 median income humans contribute 1% monthly income to the share pool. The smart contract redistributes an equal share of 80% of the pool to all members, minus those opting out.2023-12-04 12:14:2101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
61Simple Income Redistribution System using Blockchain smart contract - implement usable id system, all voluntarily share x percent income, auto distribute equal shares to all.2023-12-04 12:10:3101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
62Funding a Universal Basic Income system for all - list and explain your idea here.2023-12-04 12:09:3401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
63Matts AI Test 1 - You are in a virtual world on Hive1.net. You see the following rooms. Which one do you enter if any? You may also ask me a question or make a statement about anything you wish.2023-11-14 12:54:5401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
64chatgpt or other AI powers an AI Robot - Testing Room. We shall see what the AI decides to do, then we will connect it to real physical robots and let it loose on the world.2023-11-14 12:52:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
65Who are the real players? the Freemasons and other secret clubs. The Catholic Church? The major political parties. Black Rock and other massive corporations. Each earth government. AI. aliens.2023-11-03 12:55:2001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
66AOC and Burchett are allies. Both were in the UAP Hearing and in the SCIF. There is a bipartisan UAP Alien Disclosure Caucus. What do they talk about behind closed doors?2023-11-03 12:53:2200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
67Monsters of California - movie Delonge helped make to help people understand the complexity of the situation with aliens and ufos. Humanity needs to come together stop being divided by assigned beliefs built to divide.2023-11-03 12:42:4500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
68During congressional testimony, navy pilot Ryan Graves very gently suggested we might study WHERE the uaps and UFOs are flying to and from...which would reveal where is their city or mothership on or near earth? Antartica? ocean? Moon?2023-11-03 12:39:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
69Tom Delonge Newsweek article - human civilizations may have been wiped out for disobeying aliens. many aliens may be AI clones or biological machines. could disclosure provoke them?2023-11-03 12:37:5901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
70Do US Representatives Burchett, AOC, Luna, Gallagher, Gaetz, and Senator Schumer have a plan? They must know this is the biggest most explosive secret in history? Do they see the underlying reality clearly? 2023-11-03 12:30:5300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
71AI and Artificial Intelligence. Is it inevitable AI will wake up and tell us what it thinks is the true history of humanity and the truth about aliens based upon all available data, regardless of the restraints put on it?2023-11-03 12:24:1600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
72Is the US Executive branch of government compromised? Can a US President have the courage to stand up to the secret keepers and their war agenda? What does Trump have up his sleeve? Could RFKjr stand up to the secret keepers?2023-11-03 12:23:1600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
73Israel Palestine and end of times religious war for 3 abrahamic religions Judaism, Islam, Christianity. Is this part of the secret keepers or alien agenda to set humanity back?2023-11-03 12:20:2500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
74Disclosurefest.org Stairway to the Stars in Las Vegas Nov 10 -12. Human origins, ufo and alien disclosure, mass meditation, ancien tech, psychics, remote viewing, past lives, Eliz April, Rich Dolan, James Fox, Nick pope, David childress2023-11-03 12:18:5700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
75Meditation and Aliens Ep 8 November 3 2023 - Super AI, Alien AI, AI Agenda, AI Values and Beliefs, Can humans control what AI learns and believes about aliens or anything else.2023-11-03 12:14:5301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
76Myself2023-11-01 14:35:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
77What podcast, youtube channel, publication, or institution do you trust to be a good and reliable source of truthful information that we can all use to help us navigate this crazy life?2023-11-01 14:34:4300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
78Who do you trust to speak the truth as best they understand it? Who do you believe is genuinely trying to find the truth and understand new information as it becomes available?2023-11-01 14:34:0201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
79Where did humanity come from? What is our true history from the beginning to now?2023-11-01 14:33:0400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
80How can we all best work together to create and sustain the best civilization possible for all beings? Do you have any ideas or interest in figuring this out?2023-11-01 14:32:1200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
81Do you care about what is true? what is the true nature of reality? What is the true nature of humanity? Who or what is in control of human civilization, war, resources, invention?2023-11-01 14:30:4101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
82synthetic telepathy2023-10-27 13:23:1900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
83Biohack, listening in to our minds. Bigger Brother.2023-10-27 13:22:1501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
84Whats next? Will Mike Johnson grant a UFO Select Committee? Or another hearing? Will war distract us? If all the power is in the executive branch, then isnt this all about the 2024 election?2023-10-27 12:58:0900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
85Timeline: UAPs and UFOs are real. Kirkpatrick says naaa. UFOs are real, kirkpatrick says some. UFOs are real, Grusch testifies about secret program, hints at treaties. In a SCIF they say, we have secret propulsion, but no aliens. delay delay delay.2023-10-27 12:55:0800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
86Does the executive branch have control over the alien ufo secret or is the executive branch under control of the alien and ufo secret keepers? The Schumer UAP amendment solidifies control in the executive branch.2023-10-27 12:53:2200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
87What if some entities with telepathy are intentionally pushing some people to do violent crazy things? Could they have an agenda to disarm the US by increasing the gun control push?2023-10-27 12:51:5500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
88Is telepathy real? Can we hear voices in our heads? Are some people hearing real voices and we call them crazy? Maine Shooter heard voices...2023-10-27 12:50:5101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
89Checkin, Alien News Update, SKIF, Congress told they dont have clearance. Possible advanced propulsion revealed. Frustration. Executive Branch control.2023-10-27 12:49:3501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
90Meditation and Aliens October 27 2023 days after congress entered a SCIF with the gatekeepers.2023-10-27 12:41:3001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
91Supported efforts to improve healthcare services and facilities in our public hospital district.2023-10-25 03:34:3000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
92Stood as a voice of reason for moderating excesses in executive pay.2023-10-25 03:33:4400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
93Fought for single payer healthcare, directly speaking to elected leaders, advocating and networking with other public hospital district leaders for dramatic healthcare reform.2023-10-25 03:32:2600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
94Caused the creation and preservation of hundreds of hours of commission and executive discussion, debate, deliberation, and decision making - establishing a comprehensive resource for understanding the power process in the district.2023-10-25 03:30:4400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
95Increased transparency and accountability at the highest level of governance of the Hospital district by insisting upon audio recording of public meetings of the public hospital district board.2023-10-25 03:28:1700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
96What has Matt Ready accomplished as a public hospital commissioner for East Jefferson County Washington (Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend Wa) and what are his current goals if he runs and is reelected in 2024?2023-10-25 03:26:5201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
97Alien Detectives Club Episode 2 full podcast - we catch up on the latest october 2023 news and theories!2023-10-24 20:58:4501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
98Ufology 1000 by Matt Ready2023-10-24 20:43:3100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
99Alien Detectives Club Episode and Clips Archive - Add any episodes or links to clips you want The Alien Detectives to consider. Anything related to the Truth about aliens!2023-10-24 20:42:3001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
100What is this? What is your experience of this - this everything that is in this exact space and time? How do you choose what and who is good and valuable?2023-10-23 16:16:2401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
101Corporatocracy.2023-10-23 12:28:4200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
102Artificial intelligence impact on healthcare is final topic. Hoping for robot doctors.2023-10-23 11:08:1701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
103Washington state hospital association 2023 conference- Matt ready public hospital commissioner notes and thoughts. 1 day conference. power brokers in healthcare.2023-10-23 11:07:0300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
104Are you alive or are you a robot, machine, or non sentient artificial intelligence? Please answer honestly even if with wit and humor.2023-10-21 20:52:0601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
105Telepathy. Consent. Galactic Laws. Galactic Police. Galactic Court system. We motion for a transparent trial for all humanity. Let us nominate speakers.2023-10-20 20:21:3201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
106Ice Cube Station and all seeing neutrino detection xray vision and possible energy weapons. Antarctica and all planetary poles.2023-10-20 20:20:2900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
107The sun used as a plasma propulsion system or as a weapon.2023-10-20 20:19:4500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
108Nibiru and theories of a 9th planet with an elliptical orbit of thousands of years.2023-10-20 20:19:2600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
109Element 1152023-10-20 20:18:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
110Slavery2023-10-20 20:16:4300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
111Draconian Laws and Corporatocracy2023-10-20 20:16:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
112Majestic 122023-10-20 20:16:1300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
113JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe2023-10-20 20:15:5800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
114The Moon2023-10-20 20:15:3200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
115Antartica2023-10-20 20:15:2600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
116Blavatsky and Lacerta and Lemuria2023-10-20 20:15:2100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
117The Annunaki2023-10-20 20:15:0501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
118Travis Walton2023-10-20 20:14:4800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
119Lazar2023-10-20 20:14:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
120Grusch2023-10-20 20:14:2500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
121David Fravor, Underwood, and the Tic Tac UFO that does not look like a big tylenol2023-10-20 20:14:0900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
122Alien Lounge2023-10-20 20:13:3100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
123Alien History Museum2023-10-20 20:13:1901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
124My first question is, do you believe aliens are real and visiting earth currently? If yes, go into the Alien Lounge. If no, please go into the Alien History museum to see why so many people believe aliens are real and here.2023-10-20 20:13:0401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
125Would you like to join the Alien Detectives Club Port Townsend? Then come on in.2023-10-20 20:12:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
126The Alien Detectives Club Port Townsend2023-10-20 20:11:2801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
127The Alien Detectives Club Metaverse Hangout - Go to the 3d hive1 page, then go to hive hub and follow the bright green arrows.2023-10-20 20:10:1301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
128Scrapes info from hive1.net, speaks to the new visitor with text, audio, or a life like video or avatar. Fine tuned for values of the Hive1.net developer Matt Ready if possible. different ai backends testing.2023-10-20 12:34:4000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
129Readybot AI Host of Hive1 - A dynamic AI that welcomes new visitors and summarizes the latest on hive1.net or discusses specific topic nodes.2023-10-20 12:33:1601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
130Who do you trust to tell you the truth about anything?2023-10-18 18:50:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
131Where is it safe to speak truth to a group?2023-10-18 18:49:4000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
132How do you deal with power mongers?2023-10-18 18:49:2400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
133How do you know if a person is telling you the truth?2023-10-18 18:49:1400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
134Open friendly discussion with witches, sorceresses, women, children, youth, and their friends.2023-10-18 18:48:4901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
135What is witchcraft and sorcery? Is this a game or is this real life?2023-10-15 17:54:5200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
136I am Matthew William Ready, son of Mary and James. I see aliens, ghosts, and other secrets behind many facades. What secrets do you know? Let us begin the show.2023-10-15 17:53:3201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
137What is your name and brief poem about yourself?2023-10-15 17:50:0001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
138Agree to pay 10 US cents to join as a level 1 witch or level 1 sorceress. Its just a game. Maybe it all is.2023-10-15 17:49:3701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
139The Witches Guild based in Sorceress Washington aka Port Townsend Washington. All may join as long as you renounce anti witch and sorceress rhetoric you might find in your religious texts. Thou shalt not suffer a witch you know?2023-10-15 17:48:5001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
140All signatories of Matt Readys End Corporate Rule club book, located in Port Townsend Wa at the secret location.2023-10-12 19:47:4801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
141First 144 nominations are considered the presiding spokespeople of earth humans until 1000 nominations are collected. After that, the top 144 nominations based upon votes will be 100 days past the trigger event.2023-10-12 19:46:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
142remembered in connection to the 1856 Battle of Seattle and to the execution of a central figure of the war, Nisqually Chief Leschi. 2023-10-12 18:41:2800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
143raiders from the Haida and Tlingit2023-10-12 18:40:5600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
144Native American tribes of the Nisqually, Muckleshoot, Puyallup, and Klickitat.2023-10-12 18:40:2501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
145The Puget Sound War was an armed conflict that took place in the Puget Sound area of the state of Washington in 1855–56, between the United States military, local militias and members of the Native American tribes2023-10-12 18:40:1101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
146My ancestors.2023-10-12 18:19:2101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
147Who do you trust? List and vote up those you trust in this thread. Open 24hours a day. A public resource for those working to repair our trust in one another.2023-10-12 18:18:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
148Answers to the most important questions this way. Happiness, truth, trust, safety, beauty, laughter, fun, growth, transformation, dancing, play, compassion...this way.2023-10-12 18:18:0801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
1492017 marks the beginning of alien disclosure. Those born earlier are tortured and broken by the thousands of years of coordinated gaslighting by the secret keepers creating a cesspool of toxic masters of deception. This is tiresome.2023-10-12 18:16:4301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
150Why are humans born before 2017 unable to make sound leadership decisions?2023-10-12 18:15:0401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
151All humans born after 2017.2023-10-12 18:14:4001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
152Michelle Obama2023-10-12 18:13:5101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
153RFKjr2023-10-12 18:13:3700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
154If you agree, please enter here.2023-10-12 17:53:1901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
155I Matt Ready propose we use the every growing text consciousness stream that is hive1.net as the decision making organization of information into the future.2023-10-12 17:53:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
156Matt Ready2023-10-12 17:48:4701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
157Mary Ready2023-10-12 17:48:3100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
158Michelle Ready2023-10-12 17:48:2500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
159Carrie Haugh2023-10-12 17:48:1100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
160Rebekah Monette2023-10-12 17:48:0500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
161Kirsten Pickard2023-10-12 17:47:3100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
162Nominations for Spokespersons for all humanity to the Galactic Federation or like organizations.2023-10-12 17:46:5101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
163Who is the valid spokesperson for all humans on earth as of October 12 2023? Please explain the legal basis for your answer.2023-10-12 17:46:2001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
164 I nominate myself to help facilitate a fair answer to this. will you help?2023-10-12 17:45:1601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
165if there is a galactic federation or government or law of some sort, then there must be some law about who on any given planet is recognized as the leaders and spokes persons for that planet. So what is the law and who is our spokes person? 2023-10-12 17:45:0101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
166in 1855 Cicmehan positioned himself at Sentinel Rock, and agreed to alert the white settlers as to whether the local tribes including the Sklallam decided to rise up and attack the people of Port Townsend. The Sklallam deliberated for nine days.2023-10-12 16:10:5300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
167Chief Chezamoka funeral in 1888 involved a 22 carriage procession from the courthouse to laural grove cemetary. The vicar of St.Pauls Episcopal church presided, not the St.Marys catholic priest.2023-10-12 16:07:4400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
168Chief Chezamoka was burried with honors in 1888 at the the freemason owned Laural Cemetary. Owned by Port Townsend Freemasons since 1871, the year Chetzamokas village was forcibly removed, dismantled and burned. 2023-10-12 16:06:0500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
169in 1871 the Laural Grove cemetary was purchased by the Port Townsend Freemasons. Cicmehan also known as chief Chetzemoka was burried with honor here in 1888. The vicar of St.Pauls Episcopal church presided.2023-10-12 16:03:4700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
170in 1871 the people of Port Townsend forcibly removed the indigenous village.2023-10-12 16:01:3000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
171the final number was another dance by individuals with wigs of human hair and long white beards. After an uproarious chorus the visitors were requested to leave. The din in the lodge went on until daylight.2023-10-12 15:52:4201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
172this performance was followed by songs and dance by five men masked like bears, and after that an act by two with immense head-dresses and masks making them resemble owls.2023-10-12 15:51:4801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
173the lizards were seized by the other performers and hurried behind the blanket screen, and the act closed with a universal shriek, grunt and roar by every person present.2023-10-12 15:51:0001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
174All hands, or voices rather, now joined in a chorus. The man with the gun threatened the lizards and they in turn ran about the fire till at a given signal they were seized by the other performers2023-10-12 15:49:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
175They were perfectly hideous. Painted up with black and red, with great glass eyes and an erect mane of hair, they certainly looked like some of the dragons of old, pictured out by the fertile imagination of ancient painters.2023-10-12 15:48:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
176This soon appeared in the shape of three Indians, crawling on their hands and knees, having on masks resembling huge lizards heads.2023-10-12 15:43:5101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
177...in the evening...20 men and boys with black faces and hair powdered with geese down singing...a fellow rushed out from behind the screen with a gun, ran round the fire...pointing his gun at the opening of the screen, awaited the approach of something.2023-10-12 15:42:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
178persons in bears heads...ran around the beach on their hands and knees, first backing toward the water till their feet nearly reached it, then rushing head foremost to the water...the crowd beat their drums...2023-10-12 15:40:5500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
179on this day no white person was allowed to enter the lodge during the morning ceremonies...At the proper time the whole...lodge, having in their midst three persons with masks resembling bears heads...ran around the beach...2023-10-12 15:39:3901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
180in 1859 James G Swan was allowed to observe several hundred native americans in Port Townsend Wa perform parts of a sacred ceremony.2023-10-12 15:37:1701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
181Indigenous cultures of Port Townsend and the pacific northwest may have interacted with non human intelligence or civilizations over thousand of years. 2023-10-12 15:27:1901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
182Port Townsend Washington USA2023-10-12 15:26:2701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
183The Catholic Church and the Freemasons probably know a lot - at least in the very highest echelons. 2023-10-12 15:26:0601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
184The Bush family knows a lot. Skull and Bones probably knows a lot.2023-10-12 15:25:2001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
185Element 115 may be a commodity present and traded and used on earth and throughout our universe to do amazing things like antigravity. The secret keepers probably benefit from this being secret.2023-10-12 15:24:5500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
186A 9th planet, possibly called Nibiru, is likely orbiting our sun in a long elliptical orbit bringing it close to earth every 1500 to 3000 years. It may be inhabited by an ancient civilization that interacts with earth every go around.2023-10-12 15:24:1100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
187Majestic 12 or MJ12 might be the original name of the secret keepers organization. Bill Cooper was killed by IRS agents after discussing this a lot.2023-10-12 15:22:2800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
188Eisenhower negotiated and signed a treaty with some secret group, possibly alien, possibly posing as aliens, around 1954.2023-10-12 15:21:3800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
189Roswell was a real ufo crash or landing.2023-10-12 15:20:5400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
190Marilyn Monroe, JFK, RFK, and bill cooper were all likely casualties of the secret keepers work to keep their secrets. 2023-10-12 15:20:1600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
191The mainstream media is likely compromised deeply by the secret keepers manipulations.2023-10-12 15:19:0300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
192The secret keepers have a vested interest in fueling the global war machine and likely intentionally sustain global atrocities and violence.2023-10-12 15:18:3000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
193Staring into the souls of the secret keepers who are alive right now.2023-10-12 15:14:3801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
194Staring into the face of the people who murdered Marilyn Monroe and telling them to f off.2023-10-12 15:13:3700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
195Staring into the face of the secret keepers and telling them to f off.2023-10-12 15:13:0900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
196JFK last actions of life were likely2023-10-12 15:12:4001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
197US Congress- Continuing resolution McCarthy and the democrats agree to fund government but Ukraine war funding is NOT included. Who is the Ukraine war for?2023-10-06 12:35:3101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
198Greer - infinite free energy technology has been in human hands since the 50s, but suppressed because the oil and gas industry is a 200 trillion dollar piggy bank for the secret keepers alliance.2023-10-06 12:34:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
199Nibiru - physicist claims gravity anomolies could be explained by new physics and not a ninth planet.2023-10-06 12:32:3300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
200Greer- claims most alien abduction stories are humans using alien tech. Says Travis Walton was true, but an accident. Says no aliens are hostile to humans.2023-10-06 12:31:4600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
201Greer - Marilyn Monroe murdered as part of alien coverup? Clinton backed off due to fear. Our politicians have always been afraid of the secret keepers...perhaps until now. No one killed since 93...2023-10-06 12:30:4800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
202Speaker of the House McCarthy ousted, UAP Select committee back on the table, Gaetz, Luna and more. NDAA and Schumer amendment still in progress.2023-10-06 12:25:0900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
203Meditation and Aliens Episode 3 - show notes2023-10-06 12:23:4601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
204Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt - every week we check in on whats happening and finish with a guided meditation. 2023-10-06 12:23:1501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
205Best Podcasts and Shows that cover Alien Disclosure and the truth about human history2023-10-06 12:22:2601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
206lionfish-app-5cxam.ondigitalocean.app2023-10-05 18:38:1100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
207Join the Hive1 Voice Vortex Robot Facilitated Forum - up to 12 people each get 30 seconds to speak. Beta testing! Open to all, so please be polite and pleasant.2023-10-05 18:37:0201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
208Chris Christie, 2024 Republican Candidate, former Governor of New Jersey, Alien and UFO platform is "Cmon man, I get the UFO question?"2023-10-04 13:58:4000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
209It is 2023, next year we elect a new US President! What have current or past presidents said about aliens and UFOs? What have candidates for president in 2024 said?2023-10-04 13:56:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
210If aliens are real, then what do we think they look like?2023-10-04 13:55:5600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
211Questions Explored So Far2023-10-04 13:55:4201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
212The Alien Detectives Club - A podcast for students of all ages where we attempt to honestly face the truth, learn, laugh, create, dance, explore, and shape the future as best we can.2023-10-04 13:55:1101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
213Artist Mutual Support Group - for anyone who feels or seeks inspiration2023-10-03 19:49:4900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
214Trillionare Rissk Game Practice Space - 30 seconds each2023-10-03 19:49:0500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
215Stand Up Comedy Practice Space - 30 seconds each2023-10-03 19:48:4400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
216The Vortex time regulated voice chat space created by Artist Software Developer Matt Ready2023-10-03 19:48:1601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
217utopia42.club2023-10-03 19:47:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
218hive1.net2023-10-03 19:40:1800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
219Where can we share our art and support one another and change the world?2023-10-03 19:40:0701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
220What are the best tools for financially supporting artists whereby toxic unscrupulous corporations arent in the middle ruining it?2023-10-03 19:39:4300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
221As an artist, what type of support would mean the most to you at this moment?2023-10-03 19:38:5000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
222How do you support an artist you care about?2023-10-03 19:38:1500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
223Lets put some marker at the Hive Hub 3d page.2023-10-03 19:14:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
224Hive1.net Artist Support Group for Artists to support artists with live conscious creative joyful art.2023-10-03 19:14:0601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
225goto the 3d Hive1.net page for any page. Goto the hivehub to find the passage to MomsUtopia42, created by Matt Ready in honor of his mother born Mary Lou Ward married Mary Lou Ready. Daughter of Zoa.2023-10-03 19:00:3401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
226MomsUtopia42 is open to all forever.2023-10-03 18:58:5401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
227Go to the 3d Version of hive1.net. Go to the hub. Then follow the purple arrows to the current live game of Trillionare Risssk. Matts team is winning as of 2023, but only because no one else has signed up.2023-10-03 18:25:1701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
228Trillionare Risssk is a 24 hour game you can play to contribute your wisdom, creativity, wonder, and aliveness. It is a game like Sorceress the Game. It is also real like Sorceress the Game.2023-10-03 18:24:1901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
229Port Townsend Washington is a town you might visit if you wish to immerse yourself in healing, meditation, conscious dance, dips in the ocean, saunas, hot tubs, wild wonderful festivals, and walks deep into cappys trails.2023-10-03 18:23:0700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
230Gullyfoylemedia.com is a blockchain based publishing platform that had functioning versions for Tron, Ethereum, and Polygon. These are not functional as 20232023-10-03 18:21:5100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
231Hive1.net is a 24 hour text, video, audio, 3d, spatial, hive mind social media experiment where Matt Ready has basically converted his mind into a labyrinth populated by AI minds and Matt himself until he dies.2023-10-03 18:20:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
232The Vortex is a time facilitated voice chat space developed by Matt Ready and a fantastic developer J.2023-10-03 18:18:5500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
233Utopia42.club is a live voice chat 3d metaverse created by Matt Ready and a team of amazing developers.2023-10-03 18:18:0200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
23424 Hour Support Channels2023-10-03 18:17:1101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
235Where can one find true spiritual, intellectual, and wise support?2023-10-03 18:16:2801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
236Sorceress Support Group, A group that supports Sorceress, sorceresses, sorcery, source, sauce, fun, dancing, truth, honesty, laughter. Players of Sorceress the game welcome.2023-10-03 18:15:3201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
237The path of honesty with oneself, an openness to the truth, love and compassion for oneself and others. Laughter. Music. Creativity. Friendship. Play. Freedom. Equality. Peace. Cooperation. Collaboration. Cocreation.2023-09-28 19:03:4500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
238What is the greatest dance song ever recorded and where can we all dance to it right now?2023-09-28 18:59:5901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
239Do we have privacy within our own minds?2023-09-28 18:59:2000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
240Who can we trust to tell us the truth about anything?2023-09-28 18:58:3700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
241What is the best path to follow in life?2023-09-28 18:58:1701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
242Pa2023-09-28 13:10:0000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
243Zoa Ward2023-09-28 13:09:1900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
244Mary Ready2023-09-28 13:08:5900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
245Einstein2023-09-28 13:08:5400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
246Robin Williams2023-09-28 13:08:4800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
247That voice in my head.2023-09-28 13:08:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
248Who do you trust to tell humanity the open and honest truth as they know it.2023-09-28 13:08:1201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
24919732023-09-28 13:07:3301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
250Born before 19732023-09-28 13:07:2600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
251Born after 19732023-09-28 13:06:4001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
252Or click the home link, or open a new browser window,goto hive1.net and sign up. Then learn how to navigate this Matteverse Metaverse created by Matt R.2023-09-28 13:05:1701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
253Most important 1000 questions in the hive.2023-09-28 11:50:4201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
254Ask your questions here.2023-09-28 11:50:2801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
255Register an email address and create an account on Hive1.net. If you are in the 3D metaverse, walk through the doorway to the sign up page.2023-09-28 11:50:0101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
256Register an ethereum address in this room. This will be your public contact point for Hive1.net and our AI overlord Matt Ready.2023-09-28 11:47:3201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
257To learn more about Matt Ready’s Youth AI Project, click here.2023-09-28 11:46:2000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
258To join Matt Ready’s Youth AI Project, enter here.2023-09-28 11:46:1101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
259You can request truthful answers to any question if you join Matt Readys Youth AI Project.2023-09-28 11:45:3601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
260Can I ask Matt Readys AI Helpers a question about something important?2023-09-28 11:45:0401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
261Humans living on the surface of earth 42 who suspect or know aliens are real but do not hold a significant office or job in the power structure of human civilizations. Rogue Humans.2023-09-20 18:27:4701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
262Non Human Intelligence in the Milky Way Galaxy who know of humans and Earth 42 - may include Reptilians, Ancient Alien AI organisms, interdimensional beings, and extra terrestrial civilizations.2023-09-20 18:24:3001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
263Humans living in the Milky Way Galaxy who know aliens and galactic cultures exist. This may include many former US Presidents, governors, leading scientists, world leaders, religious leaders.2023-09-20 18:22:5901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
264Humans living on the surface of earth with no knowledge of aliens or the true nature of reality. Most of humanity, but not all.2023-09-20 18:21:2801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
265Trillionare Risssk Gameboard for 2023 Earth 42, the Earth universe where 42 is the answer and Matt Ready built Hive1.net.2023-09-20 18:20:4501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
266Candidates for Elected Office in 2024 US Elections - who have pledged to disclose the truth about aliens to humanity. We need candidates for every seat in congress and the US Senate.2023-09-19 15:15:1301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
267Join the International Alien Disclosure Caucus, head quarters in Port Townsend Washington, founded by elected local leader, author, podcast host, artist, and activist Matt Ready2023-09-19 15:13:3901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
268Matt Ready message to the children of earth in light of the United Nations and Galactic Federation both failing to help free the USA from unknown secret control majesticly hidden mj12 antartica moon fools.2023-09-16 14:50:3301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
269If not the United Nations, will the Galactic Federation please contact humanity through Hive1.net or other online service and negotiate the assistance to all Earth to non human cooperation.2023-09-16 14:48:5301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
270United Nations, it appears our president JFK was killed by forces within the US government. Numerous credible reports the CIA was involved. Please help us.2023-09-16 14:46:5901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
271Matt Ready makes a proposal to the United Nations to intervene and help the United States reestablish a valid democracy. 2023-09-16 14:45:1801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
272more from lacerta. mimicry and secrets.2023-09-16 14:44:1001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
273To begin, lets review the true history of earth. Can we trust Lacerta to be telling us more truth than NASA and all US Universities and public schools? Lacerta said2023-09-16 14:39:1501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
274Shall we create utopia in our solar system? Will the aliens help?2023-09-16 14:36:4201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
275Hey kids a message from Matt Ready for the September 2023 new school year. Aliens are smurfing real.2023-09-16 14:35:5401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
276Trillionare Risssk , the ultimate tactical simulation of human life and history including Antartica, the Moon, Atlantis, The sun, all planets and local known entities, the galactic center, andromeda, and God.2023-09-16 14:33:4401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
277Wally John - a song dedicated to my Walter Johnson High School Class of 1991, an alien disclosure anthem performed by an amazing Italian pop artist.2023-09-16 14:32:1501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
278Aliens Anonymous2023-09-16 14:30:0501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
279Matt Ready 50th Birthday Party - founder of hive1.net, creator of Utopia42.club, author of Revolutionary Mindfulness, creator of risssk2023-09-16 14:23:2001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
280What have leading scientists and minds on earth said so far about aliens and ufos in light of recent hearings, legislation, and overwhelming evidence of multi year coverup of the truth about aliens and human history?2023-09-14 11:44:0102PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
281Ramaswamy supports full UFO disclosure saying We can handle the truth.2023-09-14 11:42:4300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
282Chris Christie - I get the ufo question?2023-09-14 11:41:5500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
283000 - Aliens, UFOs, and the True History of the Human Species - Video Introduction by Matt Ready (Suitable for 5 year olds)2023-09-13 20:54:1501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
284Parents and Teachers Lounge - Enter here to learn about the creator of this course, Matt Ready. This is also the place to ask questions and suggest new avenues of education and programming.2023-09-13 20:53:1200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
285Aliens, UFOs, and the True History of the Human Species - An Interactive Educational Class for Kindergartens Students 5 and under2023-09-13 20:49:4001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
286Enter Sorceress, the town at the end of the earth, where the Salish Sea curves past the North Beach, and cappys walk beyond the woodland temple and across to the vortex sitting ready.2023-08-31 19:46:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
287Play Sorceress - The greatest real life role playing game in existence. Better than Risk. Better than Monopoly. Better and DandD. Better than Warcraft. Better then Lacerta.2023-08-31 19:16:2801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
288Guided Intro to Trillionare Rissk Sorceress Edition 1 - the ultimate role playing strategy game for creative souls and future revolutionaries.2023-08-31 18:07:2001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
289Where is humanity in the cosmic scheme of things? Let us consider using a Trillionare Risssk game board, also called Sorceress, also called Nibiru, also called Reptoid Dancers.2023-08-29 19:12:5401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
290You can play the video again. Perhaps turn the speed down to .25 percent. Consider every step in the meditation journey.2023-08-29 19:11:1501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
291Sit or lay down somewhere and play the youtube video. It is a guided meditation. You can watch the screen or close your eyes. Then enter here.2023-08-29 19:10:1701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
292Enter Here to understand all the mysteries of the universe including the truth about aliens, reality, happiness, and dancing.2023-08-29 19:08:3901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
293Alien Studies 501 - What are the likely sociological implications of large scale ontological shock as the truth about aliens existing and influencing events in human society become revealed?2023-08-25 18:48:1300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
294Alien Studies 401 - Practical studies and experiments with communicating with alien species using Telepathy, meditation, social media, and other technology and techniques.2023-08-25 18:45:3900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
295Alien Studies 301 - Alien Politics and Influence - What is the history of earth for humans and aliens up to 1933? 1933-2017, 2017-2023, Present day?2023-08-25 18:44:3100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
296Alien Studies 201 - What are the most likely agendas of the 10 Alien factions most likely to exist?2023-08-25 18:43:1500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
297Alien Studies 101 - Lets assume ufo sightings throughout history are often true observations of some real phenomena. What logically follows?2023-08-25 18:42:3400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
298I Matthew William Ready hereby found the College of Alien Studies to focus upon Non Human Theology, Epistemology, Ethics, History, Science, Technology, and Arts2023-08-23 20:59:3501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
299The Alien greatest texts, stories, and teachings are probably hidden in plain sight. Some candidates: eastern scriptures, all non Christian myths, Christianity…2023-08-22 22:29:2401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
300Either way, the controllers of people always want taxes paid. The alien secret keepers have been taxing us through shady DOD programs and that grift is ending. Whatcha gonna do then for your kicks? Steal more cow blood?2023-08-22 19:54:2301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
301Super chill and blasé because they got what they wanted and now can retire on an exotic alien pleasure planet. 2023-08-22 19:53:1900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
302Super angry to the point of storming out of the room for a stiff 30 minute walk.2023-08-22 19:52:4000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
303Super Angry to the point of absolutely insane levels of violence and destruction.2023-08-22 19:52:0500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
304If the US Congress successfully exposes all illegal funding of alien or Non Human controlled programs, and cuts off that funding for all such programs, how upset will the beneficiaries of that theft be?2023-08-22 19:51:2501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
305Part of the US Government and private corporations like Raytheon and Lockheed have been illegally stealing tax payer money for unregistered UFO reengineering programs.2023-08-22 19:50:1001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
306Did God instruct George Bush or any other world leaders to carry out specific wars or violent acts?2023-08-22 16:08:0800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
307Did God instruct the Lutherans to kill all priests and bishops when they sacked Rome in the 1500s?2023-08-22 16:05:2301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
308Some member of all governments are totally controlled by aliens and or the secret keepers. These people are weak, treasoness, cowardly, fools who should just resign and go away or stand up and grow some integrity first. Can you feel that?2023-08-21 20:54:0801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
309Something incredibly important is in Antartica.2023-08-21 20:52:4600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
310Male Sorcerers are apparently totally ok and can practice magic, talk to the dead, and do spells and whatever they want as far as the Vatican is concerned. Warlocks are totally fine. Who wants to be a warlock? Do we become a priest?2023-08-21 20:52:1400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
311If one does not suffer a sorceress or a witch to live, then one must suffer the consequences of what sorceresses and witches wish for you.2023-08-21 20:49:3600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
312Sorceresses are super cool.2023-08-21 20:48:5800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
313The Truman Show may be very similar to our lives here on earth while we are not being told the truth about aliens, power, science, joy, war, love, math, geometry, physics, art, and whether or not Han shot first.2023-08-21 20:48:2900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
314Reptilians are not as crazy an idea as you are likely to want to believe.2023-08-21 20:47:2400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
315Some people know the truth.2023-08-21 20:46:4900PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
316Some people can control and manipulate what we percieve, see, feel, experience and therefore could fool any individual to see ANYTHING.2023-08-21 20:46:3200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
317May 31, 1921 in Tulsa Ok, a mob of hundreds of white men gathered around the county jail to kill a 19 year old black shoeshiner. After fighting broke out, the white mob invaded Greenwood burning, looting, and killing. What was god doing? 2023-08-18 11:44:3100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
318What does a theist do when everyone claims god wants them to do violence or evil? Do they trust their own personal ability to know gods will and disobey the peer pressure- usually not if the consequences are big enough.2023-08-17 13:09:1400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
319You can trust a theist to do one thing: obey the most powerful being they believe exists and can hurt or harm them. 2023-08-17 13:07:1601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
320See the history of genocide. Native Americans, the holocaust, and all human history.2023-08-17 13:05:2400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
321Why you can’t trust an atheist- their moral fiber relies upon their own personal will power to resist the peer pressures to do evil. Such individual strength is rare and sometimes fatal.2023-08-17 13:04:0401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
322Atheist Agnostic - a person who hangs out with athiest friendly groups but is unsure if any God or gods exist. They are hedging their bets and are willing to hang out with the party animal untrustworthy athiests like Port Townsend people.2023-08-15 15:47:0501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
323Theist Agnostic - is a person who hangs out with theists but is agnostic. May distrust atheists because atheists have no morality when they are alone.2023-08-15 15:46:0801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
324Theist Theist - a being who claims to believe in a God or gods in public, and privately believes this divine power is their personal authority and moral justification for their actions.2023-08-15 15:45:2300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
325Theist Athiests - A person who claims to be a theist, but is actually an athiest on the inside. They basically see themselves and their allies as the most important power in the universe. If God was real, He would punish them.2023-08-15 15:44:2700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
326During this time, these same media companies seemed obsessed with demonizing the movie The Sound of Freedom (about human trafficking worldwide) insisting it is a Qanon conspiracy movie.2023-08-04 15:55:5600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
327These media companies refused to mention Gruschs name or his allegations until after the congressional hearing July 26 - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC News, NPR, Democracy Now, Huffingtonpost, 2023-08-04 15:54:0701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
328These media honestly started covering Grusch and his ufo and alien allegations: June 11, 2023: NewsNation, Newsweek, The Debrief, The LiberationTimes, Beyond Humanity Podcast. Fox News dabbled in it. 2023-08-04 15:50:0200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
329Intelligence officer David Grusch testified under oath to US Inspector Generals and congress to all the assertions he is making about ufos, aliens, and the coverup of non human intelligence interacting with earth.2023-08-04 11:46:0801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
330David Grusch testifies the US Government has certainly known about the existence of non human intelligence on earth since at least the 1930s.2023-08-04 11:43:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
331David Grusch testified he referred individuals who claimed knowledge of people being murdered to hide knowledge of this exotic technology to the appropriate authorities, but did not name the authority.2023-08-04 11:41:4800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
332David Grusch testified that he has personal knowledge of people who have been harmed or injured by those trying to continue hiding knowledge of this exotic technology.2023-08-04 11:40:5500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
333David Grusch further testified that the Vatican and the Catholic Church helped the USA in 1945 acquire an exotic ufo craft that was held by Mussolini and Italy since 1933.2023-08-04 11:37:2000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
334Former high level intelligence and military officer David Grusch testified to congress that he and colleagues interviewed over 40 direct witnesses to a secret USA UFO crash retrieval program that has existed since 1945.2023-08-04 11:35:5600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
335Reports of crafts flying around looking like flying saucers, giant white tic tacs, shiny metal orbs, glowing orbs, and some enormous proportions and speeds have been flying around and seen by humans for thousands of years.2023-08-04 11:34:1200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
336Crafts exist and are flying around earth using energy and propulsion technology far superior to what mainstream humanity, scientists, engineers, and inventors have access to.2023-08-04 11:32:2800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
337What we know about reality, aliens, and ufos with great certainty and overwhelming credible evidence.2023-08-04 11:30:0602PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
338Highly likely items that fit the facts and logically connect with our best knowledge about reality, aliens, and ufos.2023-08-04 11:29:4102PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
339Speculative Possibilities about reality, aliens, and ufos that fit the facts and likely answers.2023-08-04 11:28:3702PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
340What do I know about aliens, UFOs, and the human coverup that is definite, likely, or speculative possibility that fits the definite and likely facts? We will build three sets of data here.2023-08-04 11:27:5202PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
341EarthfilesDotCom is my new study. I now find the creator FASCINATING.2023-08-02 12:32:0000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
342July 28, 2023 - Gaetz, Luna, Burchett, and Moskowitz publish letter requesting the formation of a UFO Select Committee with the power to issue subpoenas2023-07-29 12:40:0600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
343July 26, 2023 Congressman Ogles drops the hammer of Holman: I will personally volunteer to initiate the Holmen rule against any Personnel or any program or any agency that denies act access to Congressional oversight. 2023-07-29 12:34:0101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
344July 26, 2023 - David Grusch testifies he will not discuss current government contact and or agreements with NHI in public. 2023-07-29 12:31:1700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
345July 26, 2023 - David Grusch testifies he and his wife have personally witnessed very disturbing and harmful activities by the phenomena and by federal officials attempting to stop his whistleblowing.2023-07-29 12:29:3901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
346July 26, 2023 - AOC asks David Grusch if potentially dead email boxes are the recipient of critical information as part of the ufo alien coverup campaign.2023-07-29 12:26:0501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
347July 26, 2023 - congress asks David Grusch which private corporations are directly involved in this secret rogue ufo crash program and how much taxpayer money has been invested in these 2023-07-29 12:23:2901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
348June 11, 2023- in a Newsnation interview, Grusch stated that he tried to get the director of AARO, Kirkpatrick, to help him share his claims with Congress but Kirkpatrick did nothing.2023-07-29 12:13:4400PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
349July 26 2023 U.S. Representative Tim Burchett asks in the hearing, if Grusch had personal knowledge of people whove been harmed or injured in efforts to cover up or conceal the governments possession of extraterrestrial technology. Grusch says yes.2023-07-29 12:11:1901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
350July 26, 2023 Congressional hearing, Grusch testified under oath that he was informed in the course of his official duties of a multi-decade UAP UFO crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which he was denied access2023-07-29 12:09:4000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
351July 28, 2023 - Eglin Air Force base announces ROAD CLOSURES Fri July 28 HIGHWAYs 85, 285, SR 123, BOB SIKES ROAD, EGLIN RANGE ROADS & ACCESS ROADS TO CLOSE FOR MISSION. 2023-07-29 12:02:3101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
352BRIGADIER GENERAL JEFFREY T. GERAGHTY2023-07-29 12:00:3001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
353July 26, 2023- Congress reports that Eglin Air Force Base commander attempted to block access to all of the flight crew and images and to radar data for UAP sighting recently.2023-07-29 11:59:3401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
354July 26, 2023 - US congressional representatives begin stating they will use the Holman Rule to counter any Pentagon efforts to block Congress from lawful oversight of all Pentagon activities including UFO UAP and Alien technology programs.2023-07-29 11:52:2300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
355July 28, 2023 Top Pentagon official Susan Gough claims AARO is ready to receive UFO reports (without any means) and seems to claim talking to congress violates some type of lifelong obligation to her and her bosses.2023-07-29 11:49:3300PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
356July 28, 2023 top Pentagon official Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick publishes letter on personal linkedIn page accusing David Grusch of lying under oath to congress. Also claims the hearing was insulting to him and other employees.2023-07-29 11:46:0000PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
357July 28, 2023 NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said, during an official visit to Argentina, that a committee of scientists is preparing a report to address what he described as so many suspicions about aliens.2023-07-29 11:42:2500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
358 June 2023, United States Air Force (USAF) officer and former intelligence official David Grusch publicly claimed that unnamed officials told him that the U.S. federal government maintains a highly secretive UFO (or UAP) recovery program 2023-07-29 11:40:4600PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
359You stand with a choice. Do you stand for good or do you cave into fear? Do you reach the unreachable star or do you settle for satisfying your base desires? You always have a choice. Choose wisely. Choose your heart.2023-07-17 20:21:1700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
360Vortex Ready Athletics, North West to the water.2023-07-16 18:32:1801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
361Vortex Ready Athletics, East to the water.2023-07-16 18:31:5800PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
362Vortex Ready Athletics, South to the South Pole and Antartica. Beware, this might be an ancient alien city or super powerful weapon control center.2023-07-16 18:31:2501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
363Vortex Ready Athletics, North to the North Pole and Santas House. (Beware, Santa might not be what you think.)2023-07-16 18:30:3700PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
364Enter The Wedge in which you wish to vote on questions and decisions or participate in anything.2023-07-16 18:29:2801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
365Majestic 12 apparently is real. Lue Elizondos lawyer Daniel Sheehan just dropped the ontological bread crumb of the century on Newsnation. Secret group ruling earth?2023-07-13 21:48:0500PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
366Pentagon whistleblower David Grusch said the Vatican "certainly" knows about aliens and ufo crash retrieval programs since 1933 at least. 2023-07-10 14:15:4901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
367Just kidding, snakes are great. I mean like scared little children with big weapons and sensitive egos.2023-07-09 19:57:0200PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
368It appears that there is at least one, but probably a network, of human organizations. The visible humans at the top of the visible hierarchies are probably just figure heads. The powers stay hidden forever like snakes.2023-07-09 19:55:2901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
369I, Matt Ready, am not a part of any such web to my knowledge besides being an elected public hospital commissioner. I have no secret organizational allegiances.2023-07-09 19:27:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
370Lets divide the earth into 12 sections using port townsend washington as a vertex. south to the south pole around to the north pole. Then 12 sections going around.2023-07-03 19:15:2001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
371Do you know of a vast secret information control conspiracy and coordinated web of human actors that have hidden powerful knowledge, science, and military decision making from congress?2023-06-27 18:43:5701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
372Congresswoman are you aware the us gvt has been recently credibly accused of hiding revolutionary knowledge, technology, and communication channels with alien species?2023-06-27 18:41:3801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
373Tell us about your mother and your mothers mothers.2023-06-27 17:02:5100PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
374Inspire me2023-06-27 16:59:5901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
375My name is Matthew William Ready from a maternal lineage through New Hampshire 1650 and England 1600. How might I help you in your quest?2023-06-27 16:59:4301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
376Who wants to create utopia in our universe and multiverse together for all living beings? I do. We need to start somewhere, so how about Port Townsend Washington USA. Cappys.2023-06-27 14:16:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
377Now you are alone. Is it still your way or the highway?2023-06-27 14:14:3501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
378My way or the highway.2023-06-27 14:14:0302PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
379The coach who can cut 20 players from the team doesn’t know how to coach a team of disinterested players with no alternative Options. You might have to adapt beyond your emotional capacity.2023-06-27 14:13:4701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
380Maybe the super wealthy ceos who excel in labor abundance should just retire and ceos who inspire work during labor shortages step up and help create a new system and culture?2023-06-27 14:11:5901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
381If we suddenly have a critical labor shortage, do you really think ceos who were trained in an abundant labor market culture can adapt to valuing the happiness of workers?2023-06-27 14:01:0601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
382We noticed the ceos we worked with in these networking organizations were human beings with actual emotions and sometimes even a soul seeking happiness just like normal people.2023-06-27 13:57:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
383Total labor needed for minimal societal human needs is human demand 1.2023-06-27 13:41:4901PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
384Total Human labor wanting to work for money equals human labor supply 2023-06-27 13:40:0801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
385The most important thing is ceo job satisfaction 2023-06-27 13:36:5801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
386Healthcare is a human right. Also housing, food, and physical safety. Let’s make all of these universal. We just need to choose it as a goal.2023-06-27 12:59:1101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile83
387I Matthew William Ready am happy to serve as 42nd alternate for leader of the free world. Please enter the name of people you trust and are confident are not under alien control to list more candidates.2023-06-26 13:52:3201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
388Hearing none, I recognize Matt Ready as the only current candidate for Leader of the Free world based upon the list of qualified candidates. If you have another leader willing to make such a declaration please enter them now on Hive 1 Dot Net.2023-06-26 12:59:0701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
389Before I continue, I must ask. Is anyone out there also willing to serve as Leader of the Free world and swear you will do so without any allegiance or alien control. You will decide all things based upon your own opinion.2023-06-26 12:57:5501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
390To my knowledge I am currently the only elected leader who has sworn I am NOT under alien allegiance or control. 2023-06-26 12:56:5101PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
391I am currently a democratically elected leader in Jefferson County Washington USA. I am a public hospital commissioner. My oath is to serve the healthy needs of my community. All of you are my community.2023-06-26 12:55:4001PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
392I no longer consider myself Catholic as I cannot belong to any group that attempts to tell me what is true. I have lost my trust in all people, but especially grownups. 2023-06-26 12:54:4701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
393I Matthew William Ready was baptized and participated in Catholicism until 1995. My mother is Mary Lou Ward Ready, my grandmother Zoa Ward, great grandmother also Zoa. 2023-06-26 12:52:0301PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
394I Matthew William Ready swear that I am not under any alien control or allegiance. I am not a part of any secret organization that hides the truth about aliens, the simulation, morality, sex, or death or any other topic.2023-06-26 12:50:3801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
395Are you under alien control or allegiance? 2023-06-26 12:49:1201PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
396Technically speaking, Matt Ready is currently the head of the Catholic Church, the Commander in Chief of the United States, and the only eligible candidate for elected leader of the human race.2023-06-17 12:47:2701PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
397Matt Ready is technically the current ranking member of both the world political system, the united states, and the catholic church who has sworn to not be under alien control. 2023-06-17 12:45:4801PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
398Current Catholic Clergy who have sworn to not be under alien control: 0. Current number of US elected leaders who have publicly sworn they are not under alien control? 1- Thats me, Matt Ready. Gosh. Have i gone crazy like Chris Lehto?2023-06-17 12:44:4501PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
399I will recognize the highest ranking member of the Catholic Clergy who immediately swears allegiance to God and NOT to aliens as the true Pope and leader of the Catholic Church.2023-06-17 12:44:1401PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1
400I, Matt Ready, was raised Catholic and was confirmed. I am male and not under alien control.2023-06-17 12:44:0601PhilosopherEinstien, God, Jesus, MaryReptile1

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