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Answers to the most important questions this way. Happiness, truth, trust, safety, beauty, laughter, fun, growth, transformation, dancing, play, compassion...this way.

Enter Here to understand all the mysteries of the universe including the truth about aliens, reality, happiness, and dancing.

If we suddenly have a critical labor shortage, do you really think ceos who were trained in an abundant labor market culture can adapt to valuing the happiness of workers?

We noticed the ceos we worked with in these networking organizations were human beings with actual emotions and sometimes even a soul seeking happiness just like normal people.

Think of the Hive1 as a mind that is working to focus the energy of conscious minds into a laser like vortex where it can help craft wisdom, learning, beauty, joy, and happiness.


Is Port Townsend the happiness center of the multiverse?

What is happiness?

Please sparkle up or down based upon your own personal state of happiness at this moment.

What is the current state of happiness for all beings on Earth right at this moment?

I propose we use the Vortex voice software to discuss the goals of the Port Townsend Happiness Center.

I want to listen to what ideas others have regarding happiness.

How many types of ice cream is happiness?

Where do you see the greatest happiness today?

If everyone wants to own and control a limited number of unique resources because they believe it essential for their happiness, how should a good society resolve this situation?

Do you want to share your ideas about happiness and how we all might collaborate to nurture greater happiness in this universe?

I want all beings to be something else which I think is a more noble, important, appropriate goal than happiness.

Yes, but happiness is not the most important thing.

Join the advisory board for the Port Townsend Happiness Center. You may unjoin at any time for any reason.

Proposal: Form the Port Townsend Happiness Center

Whose happiness are you working for at this moment? List all.

Is happiness important?

What is happiness?

What is the purpose of the Port Townsend Happiness Center? It is to assist with happiness for all beings capable of happiness.

Explain in detail please. Your blank will help everyone’s quest for happiness by blank.

How does your purpose relate to the mission of happiness for all?

Port Townsend Happiness Council


Are you Happier than 8 on a scale of 1 to 10? If so, what are the keys to your happiness?

If you were to rate your overall happiness in life right at this moment, on a scale of 1 to 10, what is your happiness level? 1 being least 10 being max headroom.


Happiness for everyone.


And so, if you believe Happiness for all beings is the greatest goal, you must recognize happiness of self must be sought first!

Can you understand what happiness is, if you have never experienced it?

Happiness for all conscious beings alive.

Happiness for yourself.


What questions do you have about Part 1: Mindful Happiness?

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