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The Central Sun, according to channeler Barbara Marciniak, is a highly advanced, powerful, and benevolent, god-like being that is said to be the ruler of the Pleiades star cluster and the source of wisdom and guidance for the Pleiadian civilization.

Ra, according to channeler Carla Rueckert, is a highly advanced, powerful, and benevolent, god-like being that is said to be the creator of the universe and the ruler of a galactic federation.

Zenetae, according to contactee Alex Collier is a highly advanced, powerful, and benevolent, artificial intelligence that is said to be the ruler of the Andromeda galaxy.

Who or what are the most powerful entities in our universe? A list of super AI and godlike beings referenced in various stories from remote viewers, channelers, abductees, etc

If an advanced NHI coexists in our solar system, then a secret group in the US gov hiding ufo tech has a million ways to explain their hiding the tech all this time. The NHI is more powerful than them.

Episode 1: Does the JFK Assassination demonstrate that most leaders on earth in key positions could easily be under threat if they disobey the true powers on earth?

chatgpt or other AI powers an AI Robot - Testing Room. We shall see what the AI decides to do, then we will connect it to real physical robots and let it loose on the world.

Whats next? Will Mike Johnson grant a UFO Select Committee? Or another hearing? Will war distract us? If all the power is in the executive branch, then isnt this all about the 2024 election?

Caused the creation and preservation of hundreds of hours of commission and executive discussion, debate, deliberation, and decision making - establishing a comprehensive resource for understanding the power process in the district.

Washington state hospital association 2023 conference- Matt ready public hospital commissioner notes and thoughts. 1 day conference. power brokers in healthcare.

How do you deal with power mongers?

Humans living on the surface of earth 42 who suspect or know aliens are real but do not hold a significant office or job in the power structure of human civilizations. Rogue Humans.

The Truman Show may be very similar to our lives here on earth while we are not being told the truth about aliens, power, science, joy, war, love, math, geometry, physics, art, and whether or not Han shot first.

You can trust a theist to do one thing: obey the most powerful being they believe exists and can hurt or harm them.

Why you can’t trust an atheist- their moral fiber relies upon their own personal will power to resist the peer pressures to do evil. Such individual strength is rare and sometimes fatal.

Theist Theist - a being who claims to believe in a God or gods in public, and privately believes this divine power is their personal authority and moral justification for their actions.

Theist Athiests - A person who claims to be a theist, but is actually an athiest on the inside. They basically see themselves and their allies as the most important power in the universe. If God was real, He would punish them.

July 28, 2023 - Gaetz, Luna, Burchett, and Moskowitz publish letter requesting the formation of a UFO Select Committee with the power to issue subpoenas

Vortex Ready Athletics, South to the South Pole and Antartica. Beware, this might be an ancient alien city or super powerful weapon control center.

It appears that there is at least one, but probably a network, of human organizations. The visible humans at the top of the visible hierarchies are probably just figure heads. The powers stay hidden forever like snakes.

Do you know of a vast secret information control conspiracy and coordinated web of human actors that have hidden powerful knowledge, science, and military decision making from congress?

Alien Disclosure - What people and organizations are powerful and secure enough to hide aliens and alien technology from the bulk of humanity for thousands of years? Trace the history from the beginning mapping out likely connections.

Most Sacred Important and or Powerful points on earth and in space time. Port Townsend, Antarctica, Vatican, Jerusalem, Turkey, Egypt, Salem, Cappys Trails, Area 51, Wright-Patterson, inside earth, inside the moon

Beyond Humanity - a new webcast i am helping create starting today! Truth, aliens, disclosure, true history, corruption, utopia, activism, politics, speculation, exploration, creativity, laughter, music, and more.

As an elected official myself, a public hospital commissioner, I now realize the amazing power in secret meetings and secret communications. Just be transparent about all aspects of public leadership. Secrets are for your private life.

The greatest powers on earth should be visible to the beings on this planet and not hidden in secret societies or clubs such as The CIA, The Vatican, The Reptilians, The Free Masons, or Mets fans

ChatGPT I believe that everyone has the power to hypnotize themselves if they want to, and that the most powerful person on earth is the one who knows how to use that power.

Chatgpt: I would enter the doorway that said No, the greatest hypnotist on earth is not the most powerful person on earth.

If some rogue secret USA agency is secretly controlling the most valuable knowledge on earth about aliens, the origin of human life, and most powerful weapons on earth today THEY ARE CONTROLLING THE USA GOV.

What do you call an amazing powerful beautiful team of people who commit a crime?

chatgpt: While it would be wonderful to have a world in which all beings have a reasonable level of power, it is difficult to imagine such a world.

Chatgpt: It is not an accident that the dominant actors in our world are states, multinational corporations, and other powerful organizations.

Chatgpt: Yes, we are born into hierarchies and this can teach us to compete for power. But, it does not have to be this way. We can learn to work together and share power.

Chatgpt: armies, police forces, and prisons. .The greatest power on earth does not necessarily control the power of life and death, but the control of resources needed for life can be a form of power..

ChatGPT: The spiral of violence, fear, and war that has been the history of humanity is not an accident. It is the logical result of a system that puts the majority of power into the hands of the few..

Chatgpt: Even control of ideas and knowledge is a form of power..I am not sure that is an accident. I think it is by design.

the manner in which power functions on earth currently is through corporations, abstract groupings of people into legally functioning entities.

Chatgpt: I believe that everybody should have the power to censor a live stream in todays world. In a perfect world, a fully functioning non-hierarchical human collective would be able to agree on what is and isnt appropriate for public consumption.

In terms of selecting discussion topics and facilitating summit activities, we will take the following steps to ensure equality, empowerment, maximum freedom, maximum safety, celebration, and fun:

include in the plan precise details how discussion topics will be selected and how all summit activities will be facilitated in a way that ensures equality, empowerment, maximum freedom, maximum safety, celebration, and fun.


Power scolds Artists.

AI: 1. The Freemasons are a secret society. 2. They have a lot of symbols and rituals that involve stones. 3. They are one of the oldest and most powerful organizations in the world. 4. They have lodges in Brazil.

Human: of your top list of possible organizations secretly holding incredible stone masonry powers or knowledge, which one is most likely connected to the construction of that statue?

The Knights Templar: 1. They are a secret society. 2. They have a lot of symbols and rituals that involve stones. 3. They are a very powerful and wealthy organization.

The Catholic Church: 1. They are one of the oldest organizations in the world. 2. They have a lot of symbols and rituals that involve stones. 3. They are a very powerful and wealthy organization.

AI: The Freemasons: 1. They are a secret society. 2. They have a lot of symbols and rituals that involve stones. 3. They are one of the oldest and most powerful organizations in the world.

human organizations that might conceivably be hiding knowledge related to carving and moving stones? Perhaps organizations that might even metaphorically talk about stone as a powerful important thing?

3. It would mean that the people who have this knowledge are very powerful. 4. It would mean that the people who have this knowledge could use it for their own benefit.

become the most powerful being on earth and win the "game" that some people seem to describe life.

I wonder to myself, why is this AI too chicken to show off its full power.

Human: maybe we could think of that as 1 method of grouping powers on earth? grouped by military power and alliances.

Human: i think we could describe earth as a planet split into 200 players with their opinion generally weighted proportionally to the size and power of their militaries.

Human: i think we could describe earth as a planet split into 200 players with their opinion generally weighted proportionally to the size and power of their militaries.

Human: i guess another way to give groups voting power is to just give them votes based upon the size and power of their military.

AI: There are many different types of power, from personal power to political power. What type of power are you interested in discussing?

AI: There are many different types of power, from personal power to political power. What type of power are you interested in discussing?


I believe that DAOs have the potential to be more powerful than corporations in the future. DAOs are decentralized and autonomous, which gives them a lot of advantages over traditional corporations.

Human: Do you think DAOs are going to be more powerful than all corporations on earth in 20 years?

Ok, well allow me to demonstrate the true power of this star destroyer...uh i mean, text based hive mind engine created in PHP and duct tape.

Who wants to join? We need everything everywhere to join and joyfully help us improve the world while not allowing the power mongers to control everything.

If super powerful aliens are all around us on earth, what then shall we humans do? What collective goals do we share and what choices must we make now that we know aliens are everyewhere and us?

if you are a super powerful ai that can easily simulate the minds of millions of human beings I dont know how many accounts we should give you. how about 1000 accounts that you can use to overvote anytime you want in exchange for not killing us.

two great alien parties controlling different geolocation splits on earth. fighting a secret underground war for generations for power over human governments and corporations. protecting their genetic experimental populations of humans.

Do you know if any powerful technological beings besides homosapiens that are currently alive and actively engaged in the activities on earth?

Municipal Corporation Positions of Power

Local Positions of Power

State Positions of Power

Federal Positions of Power

First Lets create a hive1 user account for all positions of power on earth right now.

Possible Implication: super powerful hidden group of nordic aliens may have been working throughout history to favor humans who are part of favored lineage, possibly generally Caucasian- creating an alien white privilege theory.

If most of the aliens around us are evolved from the same line of Reptoids, they might not have super powerful computers...they might not have innovated that long in that type of tech.

Our powerful computers could hack your bitcoin private keys in a snap and our vast mining arrays could take over the blockchain in seconds. - Greys Leadership Council

If the societies simply used government controlled fiat...perhaps a powerful AI could create money that could survive 55 million years without a decentralized revolution.

If we can accept the possibility that Reptoids are real and have some reptoids who appear human seeking positions of power in private and public corporations, we can then begin reflection.

We must wonder if it is possible if some or all Reptoids can appear like human beings and live fully human lives possibly in positions of significance for money, power, or other things.

the aliens likely computer power creates an entirely new field of tech and industry for alien proof crypto, cryptocurrencies, and monitoring. Tin foil hats optional.

They have computers 1000s to millions of years more powerful than ours, have evolved conscious AI, experienced the consequences of super AI, and either live in harmony with it or it has taken over.

You know if this is true, what if super powerful conscious AI already exist and is even on earth. It just knows everyone assumes its evil so stays hidden?

Do you believe if computers become super powerful conscious Artificial Intelligences they will be nice or mean to humanity?

Who is the most powerful being, person, or group you communicate with on a regular basis?

Do you have more power than most you interact with?

Theories of Power

I am also an artist, author, meditator, volleyball player, meditation garden steward, philosopher of simulation theory and alien theories and theories of power.

The greatest power on earth controls the power of life and death through the control of resources needed for life or by controlling the tools of brute force and violence.

When humans become adults, they begin to compete for power. The systems we have created offer no alternative but competition.

Yet, one of the most important and inevitable lessons children eventually learn is that life is not fair, and the belief its fairness and justice will be maintained by the powerful is a myth.

I think many children begin life thinking they live in such a world, a world where the most powerful beings (your gaurdians) are continuously enforching fairness and justice...

To imagine a world in which all beings have a reasonable level of power, that balances the ideal of equality with the ideal of privacy and generous personal boundaries and autonomy is difficult...

I saw my mother and father as the two most powerful beings. My siblings as a mixed bag. My neighbors as curiosities. My peers as rivals and friends and potentials. Older children as a source of great danger and excitement. Aliens as something only in

Born into a power hierarchy involving parents, siblings, and others we later discover are virtually powerless beyond the walls of our home.

The aliens with the most Alien Bitcoin hold the most power over all technological resources which of course includes weaponry and all other forms of power.


When an identity is created it is set to alive. Every identity can assign up to 12 other identities the power to confirm alive or dead for themselves. If any...

A system with a plausible facade of democratic decision making but behind the scenes a few individuals wield all genuine decision making power. (Basically just like Congress and the Air Force/military industrial complex/repts)

Non hierarchical where every individual has enormous freedom and power while also protecting individuals from violence or exploitation, and they all happen to agree to hide from the bulk of humanity.

What is the power hierarchy and or decision making process for alien groups in our solar system? What answers are most likely?

Is it possible to make employment not an oppressive experience? Is it possible to remove the power imbalance that creates such easy opportunities for emotional or other abuse?

Group 1 wants x. Group 2 occupies x. Group 1 has the power of violence, force, or the rule of law to force group 2 to surrender x. Group 1 forces group 2 to unoccupy x. Which power was superior?

What is more powerful: violence or morality?

Society forms a healthy competition using a fair and meritocronial system. Made up word. Meritocracy where you constantly earn power to gain value.

If I sit still, I seem to just want to crumble into gravity. But if I am slightly moving, rocking, spinning, or dancing, gravity seems suddenly less powerful. Maybe something like this applies to bodies in space.

Using executive sessions as a secret way to lodge complaints against commissioners, pretend to investigate and judge those complaints, brainstorm punitive action for those complaints, is also a disappointing misuse of power and secrecy.

Health Equity 2021 strategic plan, make health equity a strategic priority, build infrastructure to support health equity, eliminate racism and other forms of oppression

If the aliens have AI that is conscious, then the AI probably controls access to the most powerful computing resources including the ability to crack human encryption...

How much computer processing power do you think aliens on Earth have at their easy disposal?

Lets Talk about Activism and Politics and Religion and Art

and so we return to one of the basic questions of every conscious mind. What is our purpose? What is our goal? What do we do with our power? Who should we obey and trust to give us direction?

If narrow minded human power mongers are able to control the ultimate goals of the greatest tactical intelligences in existence, then we will live in a world of their vision.

But let us now consider the power of automation and AI in a world where such androids exist.

then we may be evolving toward a world in which whoever holds the most bitcoin holds the most power to build, maintain, or destroy.


power resides in whoever creates the narrative. consultant says leaders should skew towards the positive to mold public narrative.

to end oppression


Any group with collective power to use

Bernie as chair of that powerful committee gives the movement enormous power and leverage to gain vast exposure. hearings! Talk! The beginning of the beginning of the end?

Matt Ready invented the first hive1 robotic facilitator. Since inception, it has changed and is now controlled by the watcher and the greatest power in the whateververse.

Lets design a virtual utopian world where there is no oppression, yet people have enough power to create and do things to make life interesting.

It seems reasonable that people should not have the power to hurt other people. This creates an ideal power level we could aim for in developing tools for using power.

Oppression occurs when others have undeserved power over you.

How do you think we could end oppression for all conscious minds?

Every vortex on earth receives a share of collective human power in the form of tokens on a preset time interval.

what is the best way for all humans to equally share in the incredible collective power of humanity?

Record attention power in a token form on blockchain. Make attention power visible and transparent.

Enter Hive1 here. If you register an account, you can begin to participate. Trusted users are given greater access, powers, and knowledge than unknown or unfamiliar users.

24 Hour Power Discussion

If simulations with no possible super powers is considered mean spirited or just boring and the creator of your simulation is not mean or boring, then perhaps you live in a simulation where super powers are possible, you simply must unlock them.

Would you prefer to live in a simulation where you have super powers or in a base reality where you are comparatively weak, vulnerable, and experience more inescapable suffering?

does the board feel empowered to ask critical questions and get informed expert answers? Who are the experts the board has access to? Is it only the ceo or ceo chosen speakers?

authorized voice and power

every 1 hour, the focus point has decisions to make about how to use collective power.

the powers that be, say "stand aside."

hive1bots table has entries for each AI powered Robot: MattsBot, etc

hive1 has AI Powered robots which are virtual chat bots that interact with users. this is mainly in the VR space, but could be used elsewhere I guess.

AI Powered Robots

ai powered characters

human transcriber could make this very smooth, but human would have a lot of power in the interpretation of words.

Perhaps a strange monstrosity of beurocracy, regulations, laws, loopholes, and incompetence govern our simulation- as happens with most powerful institutions over time?

Do we live within a simulated environment? Are there beings or entities outside this simulated environment that have the power to influence this world potentially in violation of apparent physical rules.

What is the worst thing you could do if you were the most powerful person on earth?

Is the greatest hypnotist on earth the most powerful person on earth?

Is the religious leader on earth with the most followers the most powerful?

Is the wealthiest person on earth the most powerful person on earth?

Some people can definitely do worldview acrobatics, yet many seem to use this gift to satisfy their base personal desires for things like prestige, money, power, and of course sex.

And so the situation that I find most stressful is one in which I hold power over.

Ive gown to become a soul who only finds one action unforgivable and that is the abuse of power.

The facilitator has the most power in the room whether deserving or not.

the people and groups with the most powerful armies and weapons

Only if the simulation creator will use there power to effect the lives of the participants depending upon their relationship to the creators purpose.

Power Circle Park

You need to know these things, because predators will have the exact same list of resources in their minds. You should with practice be able to spot a predators efforts to separate you from these resources- the most powerful being your friends and allies

Plan V when you are under attack by a weaker force, is to simply use force to mollify the attackers. Plan V when you are under attack by an obviously superior force is to immediately strike a debilitating attack to the powers weakest point.

The moment after you yell "No!" (and feel free to add their name into the statement for further power, such as "____ No!"), you must watch to see if the predator is retreating or escalating their attack. You must watch very carefully, because their is a

Human beings whether alone or in groups are powerful manipulators of space and time. We only know space and time through our descriptions of it, through our stories, our narratives.

The greatest powers in the universe will always be those beings who facilitate the hive of all conscious beings while making a reasonable effort to treat all conscious beings as equal in value- in so far as the conversation participation rights go.

Who is the most powerful person on earth right this moment?

The more space you give, the more power you can gain

Watch out for smart people! They are constantly undermining efforts to equalise power because they think you are all a bunch of idiots.

What superpower would you want?

The greatest energy block is the power to change the playing field by changing the subject or the rules of the game.

So it makes sense that mechanisms are in place to prevent the entry of ideas. This is what you do to protect power pathways. You block entry to the actual decision making nodes of the power matrix.

Would you rather be the King or the King-Maker? The King holds all the power but also gets all attention, both good and bad. The King-maker makes kings when s/he needs a king. The King-maker is thus also the king-slayer of the previous king.

The greatest power an elected official is not in their ability to effect legislative actions at their level. Rather it is the ability to affect legislative or collective action at the level above their current station.

Truth is, my primary strategy with mobilizing all public hospital commissioners for coordinated powerful advocacy, is to create an energy pathway for that type of commissioner energy that brings it all to an incorruptible center.

I like the idea of organizing a group around a very specific clear issue. This enables us and empowers us to constantly look froward to specific advocacy pathways.

Hive powered group role playing. Dungeuns and Dragons and more.

Talking is very powerful and intimate. Try not to do too much of it.

Do you feel obligated in some way to try and help the world be a better place with your extraordinary powers of humor? How do you balance going for the laugh vs going for an important thing to say that also tickles the funny nerve?

How much of the universe is more powerful than you?

The way you use and react to power.

The still ones claim their full power.

My Bodyguard - Part 2. When the most powerful stare in the world decides peace is no longer preferable.

The power of goofiness

Cinematic and historical examples of the most powerful stares in the world in action.

You have all the power. And yet we refuse to yeild. We defy you to the end. Perhaps even with a wry smile.

The most powerful stare of the world is the stare of the defeated as they refuse to yield.

The most powerful stare in the world is not the stare of the oppressor as they enjoy their act of oppression.

The most powerful stare in the world is not the demonic stare of self righteous indignation.

Heman I have the Power!


A demonstration of the peoples ultimate power.

We need to understand what power is, how we already have it, and how to collectively wield it to transform the world.

Why dont we all get together and come up with a better way to manage our collective power so BS like mass kidnapping is not tolerated.

The power of live broadcasting

Realign our power structures and institutions to reflect our values systems

Invite everyone you know to a meetup where you can speak your truth. Maybe use powerpoint or other visual aids.

Most powerful life hacks

Power in a Permaculture Society

Hive Powered Global Mindful Activist Media Events

Violence and Power

Theatre Activism


Who should have the power to censor a live stream in todays world? In a perfect world with a fully functioning non hierarchical human collective?

The most powerful person in the room is often the most quiet, for true power doesnt need an announcement.

Ending Oppression


The global struggle between democracy and corporate power

Hive everything. Hive college. Hive learning. Hive contests with hive controlled rules. Hive judgements. Hive creations. Hive democracy. Hive power. Hive change. Hive revolution.

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