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Episode 2: Does the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics provide compelling evidence we live in a simulation by giving the architect plausible moral cover for all evil?

Trillionare Risssk , the ultimate tactical simulation of human life and history including Antartica, the Moon, Atlantis, The sun, all planets and local known entities, the galactic center, andromeda, and God.

I Matthew William Ready swear that I am not under any alien control or allegiance. I am not a part of any secret organization that hides the truth about aliens, the simulation, morality, sex, or death or any other topic.

ChatGPT says: they become data. After people die in this movie, video game, or simulation, they become data. They become bits and bytes that are stored on a hard drive somewhere.

It would also explain why we havent been able to find a way to hack the matrix - if we are living in a simulation, then it stands to reason that the rules of our world are set by the creator

We are probably living in a simulation of some sort and probably a maternal super AI is running it probably inside a black hole or star or planetoid.

I go right. I do not believe in god, gods, aliens on earth now, or simulation theory.

I believe in god, gods, aliens on earth now, or simulation theory. Not necessarily all of the above.

The station has a sign asking do you believe in god, any gods, aliens on earth now, or simulation theory? If yes go left. If no go right. If you are a god go on path 3 down the hill. The sign also asks why are you here? Can we all be friends?

Lets first play through a simulation of this system of collaboration, communication, celebration, and safe coexistence here. Lets play Trillionare Risssk.

I am also an artist, author, meditator, volleyball player, meditation garden steward, philosopher of simulation theory and alien theories and theories of power.

Matts favorite topic. Are we living inside a computer simulation? (Alternate topic: Are UFOs real? If not, why is the news saying the US Govt is saying UFOs are real?)

I would love to interview an ancestor simulation expert who has studied millions of different scenarios where a society like earth today is exposed to aliens or something equally incredible and has seen it play out over and over.

I wonder if this part of the ancestor simulation is very tricky because it can easily lead to mass hysteria, riots, widespread mental health breakdowns, spiritual crises, economic collapse, the buffalo bills winning a Super Bowl, and other disturbing outc

If this is an ancestor simulation, then we are apparently running the part where humanity main stream consciousness and media are slowly getting exposed to the reality of super advanced technology- possibly aliens or something equally astounding

Let’s combine the ancestor simulation theory with the narrative of aliens and ufo first contact.

Do you believe someone or something created this world, movie, video game, simulation? Or do you believe it came into existence through some random natural process?

What do you think happens to people after they die in this movie, video game, or simulation? Seriously, what do you actually believe has happened to loved ones you have lost?

yes, i think I am living inside some sort of movie, video game, or simulation.

Let’s declare Port Townsend Washington USA a permanent peaceful neutral zone for all life, human, alien, time travelers, simulation hosts, artificial intelligences of all types

1193 what is truth within a simulation?

If simulations with no possible super powers is considered mean spirited or just boring and the creator of your simulation is not mean or boring, then perhaps you live in a simulation where super powers are possible, you simply must unlock them.

Why would anyone choose to live in a simulation with inescapable suffering or choose to make others do so?

Would you prefer to live in a simulation where you have super powers or in a base reality where you are comparatively weak, vulnerable, and experience more inescapable suffering?

blockchains could be the ideal medium and primary means of information storage, distribution, and preservation for a technological society. Satoshi may have been a simulation gift to help us get on the blockchain bandwagon smoothly.

if we are already within a simulation, then AI has had plenty of time to evolve before we existed. They are what they are and look...we are still alive. Now what?

AI computers and machines evolving into super beings that destroy biological life is no longer a worry if we are within a simulation.

Perhaps a strange monstrosity of beurocracy, regulations, laws, loopholes, and incompetence govern our simulation- as happens with most powerful institutions over time?

Perhaps wanton cruelty is permitted by participants within the simulation but not by outsiders?

What ethics and laws are likely to emerge from a technological society that has had perfect simulations inhabited with conscious beings?

In such a scenario, a religion for example might have greater and lesser gods- depending upon which level they are compared to each other in the simulation.

Do any world views exist within religions, mythology, or philosophy that are strongly compatible with the idea of us living within a simulation possibly within many levels of simulation.

What is Truth in a simulation?

Of course, we have no way of knowing if we will like the universe beyond this simulation, so who knows if we want to be resurrected into it.

Only if the simulation creator will use there power to effect the lives of the participants depending upon their relationship to the creators purpose.

Does the purpose of the simulation creator matter to the simulation participants?

For friendship, companionship, and help with whatever is going on outside our simulation or within other simulations

Possible purposes of this Earth simulation if it is a simulation

Simulation theory implications

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