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The Mindful Activist Episode 18 - See the Meaning
Center Stage
Test Node
Who does control the world?
I am afraid of anyone afraid of the truth.
I am afraid of military men who think Jack Nicholson was making a valid point in this scene.
I am afraid of police officers who think this is good police work.
I dont know, but that was a good question to hook people to participate on this site.
The red pill always and forever. Always choose the truth no matter how painful. The truth will set you free. Rock me Amadeus.
What is a soul after all?
Myself and hospital commissioner Kees Kolff attempted to attend the board meeting of the AWPHD, but we were denied. The schedule actually said commissioners welcome. Maybe we smelled bad?
This is what is meant to be for all conscious beings in the multiverse...everywhere...all of Everybody needs somebody to love.
Commissioners without soul not affected.
This video captures the souls of the current hospital commissioners for East Jefferson County Wa.