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Hash content: Center Stage Wild go crazy dancing. LGBTQ+ Youth Legislative Theatre Project Live Event Sept 25 and 26th! Who are you and what brought you here today? The Mindful Activist Episode 14 - Eric Miller Test Node What do you know with absolute certainty? Are you my friend? Truth 3 The Mindful Activist Episode 7 - Zhalleh What is the most important thing in life? Hive Development Policy: Have mandatory LGBTQ specific advocates/counselors in schools. Center Stage Topic Archive Announce the date for the first live show Invite Only Hives Pay to enter Hives How do I use the platform? How do we dramatically reduce the use of hierarchy in our world and replace it with something better, faster, stronger, more flexible, more adaptable, wiser, and more egalitarian? How do I facilitate groups? How do I meditate? Use the Hive Mindmapping feature to collaborate on story creation. Make massively multithreaded storylines. Cooking challenges. Name an ingredient. Hive participants make publish and vote on results. Hive Contests Hive College Private Hives My questions for you... Best Movie of all time (per genre) Whats the plan for launching the show? Purple Group Purple Group Topic Archive Test Node Topic Archive Yellow Node Yellow Node Topic Archive If an audience interactive show: facilitate decisions by the hive. Pizza order? Donation recipient? Other? Pick a topic or topics. Arrange a studio environment for show perhaps with room for audience. Skill Based Entry Hives Hive Collaborations and Creations Hive everything. Hive college. Hive learning. Hive contests with hive controlled rules. Hive judgements. Hive creations. Hive democracy. Hive power. Hive change. Hive revolution. What other ideas do you have for how you develop the platform? What are ideas for upcoming episodes of The Mindful Activist? The Mindful Activist Unleash the Fury Ask me anything. :) The Mindful Activist Topic Archive Egalitarianism The global struggle between democracy and corporate power Power Ending Oppression Glitch in the Matrix Stories Quantum Mechanics Hive Game Night Why the ultimate social media platform cannot be controlled by a for profit corporation. The Origin of the Universe What do cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum teach us about consensus? Mindful competition in sports Mindful Communication Mindful Relationships Mindfulness Meditation Dance Tactics Possible Other Questions to explore Egalitarian Facilitation A true facilitator stands on the shoulders of the wisdom of the crowd. A monarch stands alone. Life is a journey through addiction. For what else is a habit but a type of addiction? The most powerful person in the room is often the most quiet, for true power doesnt need an announcement. Its not important who wins a particular battle. It matters who wins the war. Wait How should the human hive mind (the social media networks of the world) react in real time when a controversial even is being shared live to the world? Consider the shooting of Philando Castile captured over Facebook Live video. Who should have the power to censor a live stream in todays world? In a perfect world with a fully functioning non hierarchical human collective? There should be no censorship. We need to see the good and bad of what is true and happening. Sunlight will help us see what is real and give us a chance to heal and fix what needs healing/fixing. The sharing and discussion of live video should not be censored by any central authority, particularly not by profit driven interests. What role should wealth have in democratic elections? Are publicly funded elections a good solution to making elections more egalitarian? The USA What celebrity do you think is actually very cool, intelligent, and possibly even wise? If you died right now and could immediately talk to anyone already dead, who would you want to talk to? (Multiple answers ok!) Where do you believe you can go after you die if anywhere? What were you obsessed with as a child? Football Dungeons and Dragons Ninjas Space If you were a character from the Star Trek universe, who would you be? Best Meaning of Life Movie ever Best Time Travel Movie of all time General Assembly Test DELETTTTTTT ALL PAST THIS General Assembly Test 1 How is everyone doing? Good here! Tired Why are you here? curious you invited me guilt bored What do we want to talk about? What is this? Captain Kirk Get the money out of politics Break out groups or stay together? Black Lives Matter Donald Trump Single Payer Healthcare Affordable Housing Overturn Citizens United Stay together Break Out Groups Money has too much influence/control of the US political system. Proposals unleash the fury of The Mindful Activist Mindful Activist Episodes and Archive The Mindful Activist Episode 1 - Officer Chris Mason 08/26/2016 Conditional Answer Test Conditional Test2 Other Mindful Activist Videos unleash the fury of HiveVideo Say anything right here..go ahead.. I dare ya. The Mindful Activist host visits Middlebury Five-0, Middlebury Community Television (Vermont) Mindful Activist Interview Do you consider yourself an activist? Yes Streets of Seattle Interview 05/16/2016 Streets of Seattle quick Interview 05/16/2016 (2 Immunology grad students) See Consciousness. A guided meditation. No 08/31/2016 Test Show in Studio!...With Amy Memes Transforming Global Microloan Economy The Standing Rock situation The Standing Rock situation The Standing Rock situation Topic Archive What are the key questions for us to understand about The Standing Rock Situation? What do we the people want? What is the conflict between the protestors and the pipeline proponents? What should we do if we are opposed to the pipeline? Go to Standing Rock and join the protest. Donate money to the Standing Rock protest group. Organize a solidarity with Standing Rock protest in your town. Organize a massive online open space collaborative forum focused on Standing Rock using the software. The Mindful Activist Episode 3 - Matt and Kim show 1 Godel Escher Bach Are you not entertained? Power What test nodes exist for personal use? Matt Ready Milton Patrick Personal Test Nodes are you personal exploration hive mind map. HiveSQL an open source hive focused SQL client built on... software and javascript, jquery, php crossover maybe This is how you approach a problem and win. Introducing The Mindful Activist the book. Any questions? :) Improved Social Media sharing Faster HiveMind Browsing Interface (Mindmap Hyperdrive Browser) What would you like to ask the global earth hive mind right now? Submit your questions and requests here for possible execution :) How is everyone doing out there and in here? Whats your favourite pizza? What time is it? Whats your favourite colour? Purple Purple rocks The Mindful Activist Episode 4 - Barbara Morey The Mindful Activist Episode 5 - Alex Bryan Activist Theatre Theatre Activism Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong Occupy Port Townsend Bank of America Shut down cisgender Violence and Power Hive Powered Global Mindful Activist Media Events Global Activist Theatre Hive Event Global Activist Dance Hive1 event Global Mindful Activist Hive1 Events Global Mindfulness Hive1 Events Global Mindful Facilitation Hive1 events The First Great Video Filter Hive Chat Thread #TFGVFHCT How are you doing? The Mindful Activist Episode 6 - Jack Matt is a politician? Matt is a mindful activist and a publicly elected leader. How was your day? Spaceship Earth Spaceship Earth Topic Archive Spaceship Earth - Where shall we go from here? The Hunger and the Hyperconsciousness Foxes are really cool Hive1 Open Governance Meetings Meeting 1 Begins Now and Ends with first live cast meeting date: TBD Matts Report: Current Hive1 plans Create a consensi/ main node interface that does not autorefresh. make that the default. Should alleviate server cpu and browser cpu load Meaningful Hash of database (sentiments and topics) manually recorded in BTC blockchain. Cross promote Mindful Activist Podcast. Someday humanity will have perfect knowledge of human sentiment. We can begin making that day happen right now by recording human sentiment in the Blockchain. Once humanity has perfect knowledge of one another sentiments in real time, we will no longer need elections- or they will become an irrelevant formality. Once humanity has perfect knowledge of one another sentiments, we will have less need for elected leaders, we may even be able to simply do without. So tell me right now. Speak now or forever hold your peace. How are you doing? Sparkle up or sparkle down! May we know one anothers feelings and yet not suffocate and oppress one another! We can have a more mindful human collective. We can listen to one another and give one another space to speak. We can share all the resources of the universe with one another so that every single living person has the opportunity to live a healthy flourishing life. It begins with trust. I ask you to trust me, Matt Ready, the creator of this platform. I want to hear from you, but to hear from you, I need to have some way to recognize your humanity. If we were meeting in person, I would see your face and hear your voice, perhaps even shake your hand. But here online, we have to greet one another using bits that bounce between our computers. I am trying to create a special place here at hive1. I am looking for help from anyone who also wants to create something good and special. So to enter and participate we ask that you Show your Humanity somehow to us, so we might recognize you. At the moment, we use the flawed and corporate controlled Facebook- because it works well enough. Identity sharing is also important because it reduces the likelihood of violent communication or trolling. Permaculture Power in a Permaculture Society Consensus AI Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Any Question? Vortex - the game, the dance, the performance, the netcast of the people, for the people, by the people! Someone declares a vortex somewhere somehow! Whoever stands at the vortex absolute center is the center of attention, the center stage, the mic People close to the vortex are encouraged to really pay attention to the vortex Them be the rules. First live Vortex webcast is already underway. Please note: The Vortex is alive 24 hours a day. It is always here. Join us. Resistance is futile. Enter here. And so it begins. Please follow the steps of our instructor in the next video, Kevin. Y I mean yes! If yes, then please step inside. I am inside. I am confused. Now let us transform the world for the better together. Hive1 Documentary: Revolutionary Mindfulness Matt Ready Bossman The Mindful Activist The Dancer The uhhhh Searching The Politician First words in the hospital board room The candidate Mindful Activist Leverage a community rights strategy Do corporate rights supersede the rights of humans and natural resources directly impacted by corporate actions? What do we do when the law of the land is manipulated by private interests to threaten the safety and well being of the general population? Logical Fallacies FacebookLive Embed Test Node What are the current live feeds from Standing Rock? Van Jones Interview Samuel Jackson on Standing Rock Live Feed Water protectors tear gassed by police during amazing direct action Nighttime Direct Action in Standing Rock Consciousness and the Nature of Reality Test Live HiveCast - Matt Ready Setup Time to 1 20 Most powerful life hacks Meditation and Mindfulness Speak your truth Wait Publish a book or blog post expressing exactly what you want to say. Invite everyone you know to a meetup where you can speak your truth. Maybe use powerpoint or other visual aids. Leave. Exit. Turn away. Give your attention to whatever is most valuable to you in the universe. Envision the world you want. Again and again. Meditate upon it. Turn it over in your mind. Delayed choice quantum eraser experiment converted into a time travel message writing device. Who would you like to see appear on a future episode? Donald Trump Leif Whittaker Steven Colbert Bill Maher Bill OReilly Barack Obama The Indigo Girls Dar Williams Louis CK John Stewart Micah White Russel Brand Oprah Tony Robbins Bill Murray The Pope Ellen Degeneres The Dalai Lama Malala Yousafzai Book Talk: Revolutionary Mindfulness by Matt Ready What questions do you have about Part 1: Mindful Happiness? What questions do you have about Part 2: Mindful Relationships? What questions do you have about Part 3: Mindful Politics? What general questions do you have about anything related to Revolutionary Mindfulness by Matt Ready? On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate Revolutionary Mindfulness by Matt Ready? 1 2 3 4 5 Are you interested in participating in a multisession online workshop with Matt Ready which will cover the topics in Revolutionary Mindfulness? PBS Spacetime Quantum Eraser Lottery Challenge Tom Campbell Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Models Is the method of separating the interference pattern and the lumpy pattern that Tom suggests viable? Why arent these experiments being done? The Mindful Activist at Karaoke with Louie The Mindful Activist Episode 12 - anami the Fortune Teller The Mindful Activist Episode 10 - Standing Rock protectors anami and Malory The Mindful Activist Episode 11 - The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony The Mindful Activist - The Early Years...I cant believe I am sharing this. The Mindful Activist Episode 8 - Comedian Scotty McNabb The Mindful Activist host Matt Ready speaking at a healthcare rally on the steps of the Olympia legislature. The Mindful Activist host Matt Ready speaks at Cascadia College Welcome to the Hive1 hosted monthly global open general assembly. The third Thursday every month at 10 AM PST. Next GA Feb 16th. What is a general assembly and what is the point of all this? What topics shall we discuss at future general assemblies? Who is invited to participate in these monthly general assemblies? (all people. human people. corporations are not people.) A general assembly is an egalitarian meeting facilitated to help groups of people work together to find common ground and make the world a better place. The point of hive1 and the Global Consensus project is to help facilitate humanity to learn to work together, communicate, collaborate, listen, and learn from one another in order to make the world a better place. Anyone can offer any subject for discussion. No one is obligated to participate in any discussion they are not interested in discussing. Feel free to add a topic to this list right here. The Mindful Activist Episode 13 - Alanna Shaladra Matt and Eric play the constitutional amendment game. Amendment 1: Money is not speech. Especially corporate money. Amendment 2: Corporations are not people and do not have the same rights as people. Amendment 3: All US Citizens over 18 can vote without an ID Amendment 4: Corporations pay a tax rate set by the people. Amendment 5: Universal Healthcare and Education through college for all US Citizens. Amendment 6: Create a department of Truth and Reconciliation to address wrong doings of the US to various harmed groups including indigenous tribes, African Americans, Women... Amendment 7: Universal Housing and Food for all people How do we bring the people together to seize control of our constitution and our country? Peoples Assemblies. First assembly Feb 16, 2017 at 10 AM hosted on This is the window for q and a Questions and Answers The Facilitator can change the question anyone can answer the questions Anyone can vote answers up and down If we learn how to communicate and collaborate, we can work together to change the world. The key is we need EVERYONE. Hive1 General Assemblies Notes 15 Minute Tasks to Support Hive1 GAs Record Invite Video and send to friends, allies, neighbors, or whoever. Improve Front Page for navigation and understanding Improve Platform Interface for GA experience - facilitators and participants Promote, advertise, and inform others regarding future GA opportunities. Audio Video Mashup of past GA events. Share here and beyond! Redirect home page to center stage node. What is mindfulness and why is it talked about so much? What shall we talk about today? Introduction to todays event by Matt Ready What is mindfulness? What are the pros and cons of egalitarian systems? How can an egalitarian meeting like this scale up to millions of people? What shall we call future events like this? Hive Meetups Activist Open Space General Assembly Equal Input Event Hive Building Honeybee Democracy Conversation Cafe Matt told me about this project during a carpool ride to see some live music outside. Realign our power structures and institutions to reflect our values systems The Mindful Activist Episode 15 - Monica do some more things where is the javascript? ok but the design is untrustworthy Is that a vineyard? Shall we introduce ourselves? What do you mean? Port Townsend City Council Meeting Workshop 3/13/17 What questions do we have about the discussion? The meeting stream is not a YouTube video, so is it shareable? What do we think about the Speak up comment forum the city has promoted? (Link: How do I invite other people to this node? What are our thoughts on the Short Term Rental discussion? How can we summarize the adjustments that are Beijing proposed to the city code regarding short-term rentals? How do I make spelling corrections on previous posts? Can I change posts after I submit them? Is there a way for a facilitator or moderator to remove or report replies that are unrelated to the topic? Or that are spam? Can commenters who violate the purpose of a discussion be blocked or removed temporarily or into perpetuity? How many short term rentals do we need in a town of this size? You send them the url. Copy and paste. Thats the main way right now. Can off-topic but high quality posts be moved to a node that they are relevant to? The city council meeting? It depends where the video is on the internet. Do you have a link? This is a great feature to develop! I plan on making nodes linkable so you can link discussions across the hive. Not right now. But the administrator can edit the MySQL thats my current work around for housekeeping. There are plans for exactly this. We can discuss them and flesh out the way to do this type of moderation. There is a way to temporarily ban abusive users, but the administrator must do it. The administrator can also delete items from the MySQL table. Currently you cannot...but the administrator can by editing the MySQL tables. The next Hive1 General Assembly will be attempted March 16, 2017 at 10 AM-12PM Pacific Standard Time. What shall we talk about? The Expansion of the Universe Dark Energy Mindfulness Democracy Leadership Are US politics most like The West Wing, Veep, or House of Cards? The CA live show of the Slate Political Gabfest What would happen if California became an independent nation? The soft bigotry of low expectations Protocol Should states consider secession as a tactic to resist Federal government policies? How do you pronounce fracas? What do you think of The American Healthcare Act? I dunno The Mindful Activist Episode 16 - Carrie Haugh The Republican and Trump Tax Reform plan Emotions The power of live broadcasting How do you practice mindfulness? Can you practice mindfulness without meditation? Mindfulness is the practice of being aware. Meditation is the practice of being still. Practicing meditation helps develop your mindfulness. What is the most important thing happening right now? Plymouth Rock Do rocks secretly rule the world? Spirituality Council of All Beings Global Youth Council Guess what number I am thinking of. Video Chat Bot and or Brain Translator What number am I thinking of? 13 Correct. What is the best flavor of ice cream? Dear Humanity... (a hive composition) Let us do better together. Morning Meditation 9AM PST 4/11/2017 Yo! What is up? Nothing much. How you doin? Im doing fine thanks. What is your favorite thing in life? Did you know 195 female students are still missing from Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria? Why do we allow this to happen in our world? Why dont we all get together and come up with a better way to manage our collective power so BS like mass kidnapping is not tolerated. An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. The biggest problems and challenges you and I can possibly imagine are all solvable. We must not let the cynics or the jerks rule the conversation. Cynics and jerks are broken beings. When engaged in active problem solving, they are not terribly useful until they shift to a constructive criticism mode. I would like to help facilitate the assembly of a regularly occurring global youth council. If you are interested in this, send me a note or reply here. Hive Direct Dialogues Name any person or entity. Then the hive can facilitate a real or hive simulated dialogue. Rocky the real rock rock star Hey Rocky, whats shaken? Everything not at absolute zero dude. Is anything at absolute zero? My soul Nothing is shaking. All is still. Sink into the stillness with me. Break free from your bondage to movement. 4/19/2017 White House Daily Press Briefing 4/19/2017 Sean Spicer What question would you ask? North Korean simulated video of attacking US city... How often do you talk with President Trump? What is the status of healthcare reform efforts? Does this administration believe wealth inequity is a concern? Did someone offer to relieve Spicer? We fail because we allow ourselves to be divided. We allow our egos to keep us divided. Yet the people united can never be defeated. Do not allow cynicism and mockery to divide us. Our enemy wants us to fight one another. But do not fight. Listen. Be curious and thoughtful. We need to understand what power is, how we already have it, and how to collectively wield it to transform the world. A demonstration of the peoples ultimate power. Step 1: Create a place where every voice is equal, yet not allowed to filibuster and force itself upon anyone else. Done. The human hive mind of the steam engine era. Step 2: Tie a semifunctional egalitarian and nonsuffucating platform to physical reality. Earth Jefferson County Wa Port Townsend Washington USA Step 3: AFter creating your link to a physical reality in this step, then invite all beings in that physical reality to enter the hive1 node to begin a never ending council of all beings/ peoples assembly. What if the people do not enter the egalitarian space you have created? Invite them personally to enter. Whoever enters, that is who has voice in this demonstration. Schedule a recurring meetup in the virtual egalitarian space. hosts a monthly global council of all beings the third thursday every month 10am to noon PST. You can host a recurring one too. Whoever shows up are the right people to participate. Denmark Change the default skin for the geographically tied node to the geoskin.php Hello Earth! Honesty Questions Is this a test? What is most important? What is the definition of consensual reality? What is the opposite of consensual reality? Does this still work? how about now? Hypnosis What is hypnosis? Who is the greatest living hypnotist? Why can some people be quickly hypnotized and others not? Not all conscious minds have the same level of defenses raised against mind control. Why? Entities create defenses only if they feel threatened. Otherwise there is no need. Why create something you dont need. If you are not threatened by the submissive state of taking commands or direction from an entity, then you will not strongly defend against it. If you have been hurt or traumatized by the state of taking commands or directions from an outside entity, then you will likely have very strong defenses against it. Also your familiarity and experience in Dreamspace, mindspace, trancespace all will make a big difference. The hypnotist attempts to insert their will into your mindspace where normally you only experience your personal mishmash of voices, images, thoughts, and feelings. If you have a lot of experience exploring and working within your mindspace, for example through a meditation practice, then the attempt of a hypnotist to assert authority there may appear obvious and juvenile. Nothing is for certain so I tend to avoid pain and seek pleasurable experiences like ice cream and creation. Growth, transformation, love, play, laughter, and dancing also seem like good things. What is the most important thing in life? World Peace Happiness What do you know with pragmatic certainty? Your present moment experience of the momentousness of the present moment happening right now, right now, right now, now, now...NOW The past. Such as the patterns of the past that your memory reliably reports to you as being accurate. ie. My foot should not go through pavement normally... What level of consistency should we expect from reality? If I have low expectations of the consistency of reality then I feel high stress. If I feel very high trust and security in the consistency of my reality, I can relax deeeeeeeply. What do you believe is true, but do not know is true? What do you know but cannot ever prove to anyone else? My present moment experience. My present moment experience of my memory of the past. I can never prove to you I am experiencing anything I am experiencing or remember experiencing. I can provide you with a bunch of circumstantial evidence of things, but ultimately that is not proof. Ultimately, you are judging me as the messenger, not really my evidence. This leads us to a great question. Who in this world do you trust more than yourself- and upon what subjects? No one. Only one person. I can think of 2-5 people who I trust more than myself on a variety of subjects. Matt Ready Matt Ready on Everything Matt Ready on one topic. Matt Ready on a handful of subjects. Humor Fashion Philosophy Art Problem Solving Activism Meditation Mindfulness Tactics Ethics Egalitarianism Speculative Thinking Stillness What is the most worthy goal to seek in life? Happiness for yourself. Happiness for all conscious beings alive. Truth Can you understand what something is if you have never experienced it? Can you understand what happiness is, if you have never experienced it? No. Not fully. And so, if you believe Happiness for all beings is the greatest goal, you must recognize happiness of self must be sought first! Hedonism Selfishness All actions are selfish actions, for the self is executing the action. The self is anything you choose to act on behalf of. Sharing Equality Dancing Patience Deep listening Respect for boundaries Respect for basic individual rights to the control of ones body and mind. No one may own another in any way. You will not master the ski slopes of life if you do not learn to meditate. Meditation is a hard stop. If you cannot hard stop on command, you are missing a key dimension of the journey. You can meditate while moving at high speeds too though, so dont worry. Your need for speed will be satiated. Your thirst for the burst will get its goat. Your thirst for the burst will get its goat. The meaning of this statement is ambiguous. Funny eh? I prefer the racehorse calming explanation of the got your goat phrase. So if your thirst gets its goat gotten, then does it have its goat or not? Is it calmed or not? I still dont quite know. Might need this one logically mapped out. You will not master the ski slopes of life if you do not learn to ski. You will not master the ski slopes of life if you never leave the barn door open. Dancing Laughter Love Beauty Truth Grief Are you gonna cry? Shawshank Redemption night of arrival. Orange is the New Black arrivals That movie where the guys wife and daughter get kidnapped on the side of the road then the guy says to him, "You gonna cry?" That movie where the persons finger is cut off with a sea shell and he is told not to cry out or it will be worse. Full Metal Jacket barracks scene Unforgiven - The moment when Clint learns of Morgan Freemans torture and death. He chooses anger over grief. Incredible Hulk becoming Highlander prize Heman I have the Power! My Bodygaurd - Choosing to fight rather than submit. My Bodyguard - choosing to fight rather than submit. Live free or die. If I have no expectations about the consistency of reality and fully accept whatever the present moment presents, then I am at perfect peace. True or False What are you? I am information. I change. I can sort of control my attention. Yea, I also have attention. This is the spotlight of what information I embody at any one moment. I am also effort. Effort is the energy I am expending at this present moment to achieve something. I put effort into breathing, eating, and moving my attention around. Some people like to push other minds around. I dont. I like to invite minds to joi Right effort. I am this thing attempting to expend right effort at the present moment for positive outcomes. What is a positive outcome to this? Happiness Happiness for everyone. Truth Laughter aint bad Dancing is good - as long as you are not being forced or nagged to join the dance. Sheesh.. Just let people move however they want to move without insisting they move in a way you want them to move. If people are still, then let them be still. If they Sorry for that rant. Dancing is I think a perfect metaphor for how an ever changing community of equal minds should interact. Dance. But just dont dance pushy. In this way, dancing then becomes a type of moral ideal. In fact, if we recognize that dancing is a metaphor for all human interaction, then we might say dancing is the most important thing in perfecting our group process. And if dancing is important, then what type of dancing is best? This suddenly becomes a critical question. Wild go crazy dancing is the prime moral ideal. Just ask the University of Maryland philosophy department of 1993. What is this? This is a field of information. You are a part of the field of information. Demoneyes Demon eyes is what I call that special look we give to something or someone we are a little upset with. We learn demon eyes from our siblings usually. When we are afraid, we look around for the demon eyes watching us, ready to yell at us as it approaches, admonishing us, "YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!" Demon eyes are what we feel, when we are doing something we know with absolute certainty will upset some portion of the information universe. When we see a car drive up to us, and we are afraid of being caught doing something, we are looking, worrying, are the demon eyes in the car. Then the car drives by...or the driver gets out, we see them, they look at us...or they better yet they totally ignore us because they are on their phone talking. Either way, they may prove totally non demonic. Totally morosely indifferent to whatever the heck we are doing. And so we sigh in relief. Yeay! Or they look at you with those demon eyes. Those eyes that you used to give to your brother or your sister when they wronged you. Yes, you have demon eyes. Of course you do. Dont deny it. We all have them somewhere. Some of us are just wayyyyy better than the rest of you at holding the demon back. Hive1 is my demon eye. The most powerful stare in the world is not the demonic stare of self righteous indignation. The most powerful stare in the world is not the stare of the oppressor as they enjoy their act of oppression. The most powerful stare of the world is the stare of the defeated as they refuse to yield. You have all the power. And yet we refuse to yeild. We defy you to the end. Perhaps even with a wry smile. Cinematic and historical examples of the most powerful stares in the world in action. Tank man BP My Bodyguard The power of goofiness My Bodyguard - Part 2. When the most powerful stare in the world decides peace is no longer preferable. In other words, the ones refusing to ever fight, finally lose control of their inner demon. The still ones claim their full power. We may start drinking again. Never surrender. Cool hand Luke. The way you use and react to power. Who decides what you pay attention to? When does another being have the right to demand your attention? Who is justified in getting angry at you for not paying attention to them? You Anyone to whom I gift that special privilege. How much of the universe is more powerful than you? How many minutes of your day are you in total authority over what you pay attention to and what you do? How many minutes of your day are you in authority over the attention or actions of others? When you have been generously gifted authority over other beings, are you a competent leader? Do others prefer your leadership over others? Do you listen to feedback and constructive criticism about your leadership performance? Hive1 Developers and Partners Command Node Hive Development Topic Archive FAQs I want to help develop in some manner. Welcome to the development portal. What would you like to know? The Sacred What do you consider sacred? This makes no sense. So you should leave the barn door open? Ski slopes of life is a great metaphor. Dancing and skiing are two great metaphors for living life as a conscious being. What needs to be done right now to make Hive1 even better suited for helping all conscious beings transform the world into utopia? Improve speed of navigation from Genisis Nodes to the idea/node a person needs. How do we measure speed? What is the start time for a persons visit and what is the end time? Could we have people log start end time themselves for some super accurate logging? This last could be an experiment. Create a start timer button. Perhaps explain that users start the timer when their search for "it" begins. They click end timer, when "it" has been found to their satisfaction. If a person digs down into the hive and cannot find "it" then they might end the timer with a caveat - "it was not found, but I dug deeper towards it. This is where I left off." Like a trail of bread crumbs. Alternatively, we could record footsteps through the hive. A personal trail of footsteps...hmmmm I like this footsteps idea. For privacy, obviously sometimes some people would want this totally turned off... Might need a special "mudtracks" flag. This flag tells people whether the room will permanently log and share their visit. Hmmm Mudtracks On Mudtracks on pseudoanonymously Full Detail Mudtracks On Mudtracks Off (Your visit to this node is not logged in our database. It is still potentially logged by other parts of this communication network outside our direct control.) What improvement can we do right now to improve this navigation speed, regardless of how we finally decide to measure it. Start the homepage of with the hivetriad! Or something like it pointing to each hive in hivetriad! Create a navigation bar at the top with every flipping hive node in the thread, cut off a certain amount of text. Scroll bar navigation into the top answer of the current node. Reverse loads the parentnode. All the way baby. Before doing this, first put two giant pressable arrow Links that do the exact same thing!! We can code this is minutes!!!! Improve the amount and clarity of the information sent to live users in real time about the present node including: how many live visitors are viewing it right now with detail varied by mudtracks setting. Show upvotes per topic in last 10 minutes. Time may vary by facilitator control. All users see the filter set by the facilitator. May require instructed page reloads. Simple session column added in MySQL. Mudtracks Time. Votingmudtracks. Dual purpose: how far back in time to count a vote or sentiment expression. How far back to count a visit as represented in the mudtracks on the floor. mudtrackstime votingmudtrackstime The facilitator sets the votingmudtrackstime for the node. Co might set it at different settings to show information in a slice to the audience. Co is a gender neutral pronoun I learned at Twin Oaks. Show peoples votes and sparkles like amazing flying atomic particles of information around each node! It could be little dots or little people depending upon the node mudtracks settings!!! For a mudtracks on room, you could make the flipping wallpaper a wallpaper of user facebook profile pictures. The background could be dimmed so it doesnt ruin the room picture. This idea is Gold Jerry! Gold i tell you! Overlap is good baby! Create full UI Change keys at the top of every Hive Window. Consensi, HiveTriad, Hyperbrowser, all get a greek letter. Make it BIG! All buttons equal until will know which matter most? Use Greek or alternate symbols Are you shocked that The Razors Edge is not broadly considered one of the greatest movies of all time? (It has been sadly neglected like other timeless classics Footloose and Under Siege.) Have you ever been hypnotized? What crazy ideas do you have for helping the human hive mind grow and thrive in fun, healthy, and exciting ways? Crowdsourced augmented reality of reality with fully integrated hive1. Nodes connected to geolocations and people. How do you feel and or react when people say they just dont like you. Does it still hurt or are you so experienced riding the wave of public judgment that it has no effect? Do you feel obligated in some way to try and help the world be a better place with your extraordinary powers of humor? How do you balance going for the laugh vs going for an important thing to say that also tickles the funny nerve? Will you meditate with me on my webcast The Mindful Activist? Put it as the Hive node story BELOW the triad, map, or whatever node template is being used. Node Templates: Triad, Consensi, Machine, GeoLocked, PlanDoStudyAct, Unfilibuster Where best to locate code in hivetriad? After Answerbox below major page rendering. Save up and down vote javascript in the story...hmmm? Imagine the world you want is actually the world that is. There are three base realities. The visual world, the tactile world, and mindspace. The tactile world is the world you explore when your eyes are closed. You are in both mindspace and the tactile world at this time. While in the visual world, you often forget the simple wisdom of the tactile world. The simple wisdom of the tactile world If you wish to connect with another in any way, approach slowly and politely. Talking is very powerful and intimate. Try not to do too much of it. Ok, now youre just talking wayyy too much. Just be quiet. I know you think you are the teacher in this moment, but just stop and let silence teach its wisdom for a little while. Now Look around you. Go to where your energy is drawn. Be not trapped by any energy that draws you toward it. Rather, dance with all the energies, gently, without obligation or expectation. The Meditation and Dancing Room The Focused Egalitarian Discussion Room The Facilitation and Experimentation Laboratory Facilitated activities using a broad variety of facilitation techniques. Teaching the art and ethics of group mind control. All facilitators are experts in mind control. Control a persons attention and you control their mind. Conversation Follow the leader Goals Two Person Activities Super Easy and Fun Sit. Play video. Watch. Listen. Speak. Broadcast. Pause. Control the Eye of Sauron. Control the ears of Sauron. Own the moment. Eye of Sauron on field of view. Audio off. Movement communication. Broadcast. Record. Setup up locational rules. Walk through them. Demarcate a location. Give it a rule. Dancing Locale No talking locale Broadcasting locale. Microphone and or camera going. Yes, sparkle, applaud locale. Standing in that zone indicates that expression. Can have multiple expression zones. What conscious being is most in control of the pattern of events unfolding? A human named A non human named Does anyone need any help with anything? Is anyone feeling unsafe or threatened? Does anyone need a little support from a friend or ally? good ideas are sometimes Make the super hivetree navigable from hive start and from any node. Noam Chomsky doesnt inspire me to action. I have a problem with very smart people who are not standing in the front of the knifes edge leading the charge with everything they have. Such as...? Just kidding. I dont have a problem with anyone choosing to stand back. Why seek pain? Lets all stand back. Take a breath. And lets wait for a few moments to see if someone who has not spoken for a while has something they would like to say. Im getting lots of responses. Way too many to explore at once. So lets take these in some fair and rational order. Lets take these youngest to oldest. Ok, now lets begin. 0-5 years 5-10 years 11 years 12 years 13 years 14 years 15 years 16 years 17 years 18 years 19 years 20 years 21 years All Ages Elders Men Women 1 minute each 30 seconds each 15 seconds each 5 seconds each 5 minutes each 18 minutes each Mindfulness is the secret tactic for winning everything. Mindfulness is the practice of using the full mind on a task and NOT acting until the full mind has indulged in minimum processing. What does the fox say? Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality Hive Need to make an easy keyboard action for launching AR mode in IOS for Google Cardboard experience.. Apparently the right javascript will do this...just need to integrate it into scene dot php.... Autofacilitation robot Working in Test Node. The test node genisis node focuses changes every 5 minutes to the top topic response of the current focus topic. This will be fun eventually. Github repository (may need to start as private until security review is done.) Waiting for ios to support autoplay of video spheres and videos. Without that...using Web virtual reality on hive with lots of video sphere amazingness limited to Android devices... ios will autoplay video sphere with no audio track Hive powered group role playing. Dungeuns and Dragons and more. Hive controls individual players. Hive controls Dungeun master role also. They are connected and run 24 hours a day. Hive1 virtual world mapped over real world with paths between important spots in both worlds. Hoooooowiooooohooooo Brady or Manning? Welcome to the party! Trolls and Coyotes Outpacing the Coyote The experience of hearing a troll or coyote attempt to attack one of your tactics and you realizing they are way behind you and their attempt to block you appears juvenile and laughable. Carrie Haugh and the trolls and coyotes at a 10 day meditation retreat. Listen to Carries story about the trolls and coyotes at the 10 day silent meditation retreat. The woman who hated her. The woman who made unnecessary noises. The teacher says, "Part of your work here is to give those things less importance." Is this always the response to a student who is getting upset about "something." What would the teacher say if the student was spending huge amounts of time at the retreat thinking about very intense things? Problem? Plans? Creations? Fantasies? Responses like this from a person commenting on the internal journey of another are always incredibly bold and presumptuous of the speaker. My experiences led me to write the essay, "Beware of Meditation Teachers" in my book Revolutionary Mindfulness. Was this woman willfully making noises without regard to the people around her? Did this woman hate Carrie? If this woman truly hated Carrie, would Carries response need to be different? If you had to sit silently on retreat for 10 days with one or more true enemies also in attendance, could you do it? What would the experience be like? Are you often forced by circumstance to spend time with people who irritate you so much that you believe or know they are doing it on purpose? If so, how often? Tell us about a recent experience of this in detail. I spend time with people who deeply irritate me virtually every day. I have learned that for the most part, none of them actually hate me and wish to cause me intense suffering. The vast majority of the cause to this irritation is due to my own choices One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is: It is perfectly ok at all moments to protect your personal boundaries. Moreover, your personal boundaries include your right to stop allowing a persons auditory creations to enter your ear canal, to st Stop allowing sound waves created by a person to enter your ear canal. Stop allowing photons bouncing directly off of a person to enter your eye cornea. Stop allowing another person to see you or know your whereabouts. Stop allowing another person to touch you. These actions to me are fundamental rights of all living beings. Headphones work for this. Walking away from the person also works for this. With practice, you can simply direct your attention away from their voice even while they are sending sound waves into your ear canal. This does not prevent the violation of your personal bubble totally, but rather creates a deeper line of defense agains Over the internet or phone, obviously you can simply mute the source of their sounds. One place this does not work conveniently for the listener is in mass media or group events. The listener may be forced to leave the entire communication experience in order to get away from the voice. Technology should eventually find elegant solutions There is a black mirror episode where people can "block" other people so that they literally do not even see or hear them when they are next to them. They see a grey blob. Speaking of that Black Mirror episode, when that guy went totally crazy and frantic when his ex blocked him...was all that craziness necessary? Did he not have some more mindful options? If someone refuses to speak with you, but you truly believe you need to speak with them, what are good options? Kidnapping. Ambush Send a letter. Use a surrogate or messenger. Seriously, this is a fantastic option and that guy should have used it. What happens if you are silent (no talking) for more than 48 hours? Have you ever not talked for 48 hours or more? If so, what was your experience like? Please tell us in detail. Listen to Carrie tell her meditation retreat story. Video Addiction (Television, movies, youtube, Netflix, etc) Information Stimulation Addiction (surfing the web) Communication Addiction (talking, texting, writing) Connection Addiction (the need to connect, see, or communicate in some way with another person) How long can you go without communicating with another human being before you start to freak out. 1 day 3 hours Hive FAQs Hive Tips Every topic is a node in a never ending brainstorm. When you reply to a topic, you dont have to be replying with a definitive answer, nor an answer you believe is true. Reply to topics with anything you think will help the generative node brainstorm gain positive beautiful energy and momentum towards the Where can I read Revolutionary Mindfulness online for free? I am creating a special page for reading Revolutionary Mindfulness online for free. Global Domination For Utopia Rules You own a magic item by holding it. All beings have equal access to sacred magic The most valuable thing in the universe is honesty You do not know who is good or who is evil. You win when you achieve global utopia. Beware of attempts at mind control Wisdom owns the moral high ground Does the United States have a domestic violence problem? Simulation theory implications Eternal life Privacy Resurrection Magic Gods Perfect record of all events Privacy of thoughts Danger 2017 Chelan Conference Public hospital commissioners for Single Payer healthcare meet June 27, 2017 4pm on the Campbells resort terrace The Mindful Activist Episode 17 - Live From Chelan This video captures the souls of the current hospital commissioners for East Jefferson County Wa. Commissioners without soul not affected. Public Hospital Commissioners for Single Payer Washington State chapter meeting is June 28th, 2017 on Campbells Terrace in Chelan Wa. This meeting is also simply for any public hospital commissioner or interested party with an interest in advocating for Single Payer healthcare. These attendees may or may not be PHCFSP members. I like the idea of organizing a group around a very specific clear issue. This enables us and empowers us to constantly look froward to specific advocacy pathways. Truth is, my primary strategy with mobilizing all public hospital commissioners for coordinated powerful advocacy, is to create an energy pathway for that type of commissioner energy that brings it all to an incorruptible center. Truth is, this is my same strategy for all of humanity. Furthermore moreover as well as This is what is meant to be for all conscious beings in the multiverse...everywhere...all of Everybody needs somebody to love. Myself and hospital commissioner Kees Kolff attempted to attend the board meeting of the AWPHD, but we were denied. The schedule actually said commissioners welcome. Maybe we smelled bad? Surrounded by Ciceros... Why is this denial of participation important? The greatest power an elected official is not in their ability to effect legislative actions at their level. Rather it is the ability to affect legislative or collective action at the level above their current station. Would you rather be the King or the King-Maker? The King holds all the power but also gets all attention, both good and bad. The King-maker makes kings when s/he needs a king. The King-maker is thus also the king-slayer of the previous king. The AWPHD is the arm through which elected public hospital commissioners take collective legislative state wide or nationwide healthcare actions. Thus, the AWPHD is the vehicle through which an elected public hospital commissioner might suggest collective action. The board meeting of the AWPHD is the ultimate authoritative body over actions or even ideas to consider for action by the AWPHD. The AWPHD board meeting is the venue where real change needs to happen for us hospital commissioners to reach beyond the confines of our local hospital districts to affect broader change. So it makes sense that mechanisms are in place to prevent the entry of ideas. This is what you do to protect power pathways. You block entry to the actual decision making nodes of the power matrix. The only question at such junctures is will the blockade hold back the ideas attempting to path through the barriers? Fortunately, if you fight for wisdom, then you can always count on wisdom to exert continuous pressure on all key pressure points and non key pressure points. Wisdom also works its way around blockades like water through a grass wall. Facebook live video 1 facebook video 2 4 There is a time at the conference where commissioners are allowed to "ask questions" about the AWPHD strategic plan. There was one question by Kees Kolff. They said they take that as approval for all their plans. Hive1 Super Circles. Like Google circles except a billion times more potent. This is synonymous with Hive1 Node Subscriptions with notifications set to immediate or emergency level. Code Create a subscriptions table. With id, node id, user id, date time, active (0,1), subtype (integer). When a user posts a reply, trigger subscription script for that post parent node. When a user sparkles, then call the sparkle subscription script. when a user posts a live or archived video, then run the video subscription script for the node. Select from subscription table all subscriptions for this posts parent node. Then send a notification to all of them saying "Yo doggy doggy! Zippedeee do da. Go get em tiger! There be action on a node you care about!" To do this, it must then trigger a mail php routine that will select for every user with a subscription. Simple Basic. For current parent node only, send notification of replies to subscriber. Have people submit their texting phone number and tell us what service provider since the texting is different for each. What is a soul after all? It doesnt really matter. The only important question is: In our moments of greatest conflict and tension, who truly has the wise moral high ground? I need other public hospital commissioners to step up and tell the AWPHD that it needs to become a leading advocate of single payer healthcare in the US. To not block other peoples energy unless you actually have a better idea. And you better be sure you have a better idea, because otherwise it is really rude and annoying. Start paying attention to energy blocks in action. Ask yourself why did that person block that energy? Who benefits from the block? Who is hurt by the block? What agenda actually truly has the moral high ground? An energy block can be a person saying to you, "That is a terrible idea. That will never work." An energy block can be a person simply laughing at you. An energy block can be simply a person ignoring the sound of your voice. This is what social Tai Chi is all about. You can move the energy without any aggressive action if you are disciplined and focused. An energy block can be an attempt to change the subject. An energy block might be a filibuster, that is to talk endlessly never allowing a reply, tiring out your opponents until you can take more decisive action. An energy block might be partially or wholly physical. A person might slide in between you and a person you are energizing with, thus cutting off the umbilical tractor beam you were both feeding off of. The red pill always and forever. Always choose the truth no matter how painful. The truth will set you free. Rock me Amadeus. I love rock and roll Everybody cut loose, footloose. Hold on loosely Dream on But the child who sees both at once is destined for pain. Suicide is Painless Does there need to be a divide between the spiritual and the non spiritual? Can we not build a great alliance to end all alliances? In sports, it is said that athletes occasionally get into "the zone." Can you get into "the zone" while exploring spirituality, gods, God, etc? Is it possible to sustain holding the moral and spiritual high ground indefinitely? For example, what if one simply stopped paying attention to all things except the most important questions and problems of our time? Is it possible to not hate the happiest people on Earth? Is the root of all evil acts not jealousy? Love Why is it hard to be friends after? The greatest energy block is the power to change the playing field by changing the subject or the rules of the game. Chelan 2017 The most important focus of a hospital commissioner should be quality. Quality is number one. Know your numbers. Is it really? What if there are people suffering or dying in your hospital district due to zero access to even low quality healthcare? If you are laying wounded, is your number one priority trying to get high quality healthcare or do you simply scream, "Medic!!!!"? People in our healthcare system are screaming, "Medic!" Can we talk about the actions that might help those people occasionally? Hospital commissioners are gathering today at 4 to discuss a structural change to our healthcare system that could help every human within the United States: Single Payer healthcare. The conference organisers refuse to announce the meeting. This is an energy block. Why? Probably just fear and laziness. What superpower would you want? Id like super vision. The Id likes it indeed! Can you live in uncertainty? If you answered no, how do you react when faced with questions that cannot be definitively answered? Why is uncertainty uncomfortable? Is uncertainty scary? What is fear? What are we ultimately afraid of? Is it death? Who controls whether we live or die? The being controlling the narrative. How do you control the narrative? Attention. Pay attention. Ye who directs the attention wins the day. How do you learn to control attention? Practice meditation and mindfulness. How do I meditate? Revolutionary Mindfulness By Matt Ready Revolutionary Mindfulness Essay Contest Micro hive essays are essays or writings constructed in the human hive mind hosted at Every Hive1 thread is a microessay. Currently these microessays are visible on the Hive Triad interface screen. The Hive triad interface is activated by clicking the triangle (Delta) symbol which looks like a triangle which is reminiscent of triad so I chose that. A hive microessay: Practice meditation and mindfulness. | How do I meditate? gg | Revolutionary Mindfulness By Matt ReadyRevolutionary Mindfulness Essay Contest Micro hive essays are essays or writings constructed in the human hive mind hosted at hive1.n We will fix the Hive Triad interface to share the full micro essay story for the current node. Essay Contest Rules Essay contest prizes $100 donated to the prize pool so far Contact Matt Ready to add funds to the prize pool The essays will be judged on a wide range of criteria at the sole discretion of the administrator Matt Ready. Begin your micro essay related to Revolutionary Mindfulness as a reply to this node on Matts MicroHive Essay on Revolutionary Mindfulness by Matt Ready We shall select essay winners for this first essay contest on or before January 1, 2018. Much sooner if we get lots of activity sooner. Is it the group that insists they have the ear of God? Is it the group who most aggressively insists they know which religions are false? Is it the person who demands your attention? Is it the person who is right? How do know which person in the room has the right answer? How can you find the best wisdom in the room if you do not create a welcome spacious idea nurturing environment? You dont need to worry as long as you already have the best ideas. So if you are one of those awesome people who always knows everything, just make sure you always own the room. If you dont always know everything and would rather help extract wisdom from the crowd, then here is some advice: Watch out for smart people! They are constantly undermining efforts to equalise power because they think you are all a bunch of idiots. Jefferson healthcare public board meeting. Begins at 1130 in half the ball room. Not sure if lunch is provided. Almost started Lunch was provided! I ate a turkey club croissant. There is an art to politics over food... Support the WSHA PAC and fight for incremental improvement in healthcare! Blah Virginia Mason Medicaid Center To participate go into or create a new vortex. Great Vortex ideas Hot tub Sauna Mountaintop Fire circle Sacred public space The front doorstep of the enemy The front line in the struggle for freedom and equality. Wherever you are Bring friends Dance Meditate Give space The more space you give, the more power you can gain Whats Happening? Who is the most powerful person on earth right this moment? I dont know, but that was a good question to hook people to participate on this site. The Pope Xi Jinping Vladimir Putin Someone hiding from view pulling the strings What are you most afraid of? I just realized I am afraid to write down what I am most afraid of because in the expression I believe you call it forth. Nigeria. Lets Talk. Why are you here? Global revolution for utopia How close to Utopia can a large human society achieve? We should be able to achieve first world services for all humanity. How do we change the world the way it needs to change? Do you hear other people describing solutions to the world problems similiar to your own solution? Who are these people with similiar ideas to your own? Thoreau In a way.... Ray Kurzweil at least in terms of anticipating some type of singularity. BF Skinner and Walden II The Borg Martin Luther King Jr Ghandi I am afraid of police officers who think this is good police work. I am afraid of military men who think Jack Nicholson was making a valid point in this scene. I am afraid of anyone afraid of the truth. Meditation for Peace Jamboree Suggested Structure for Meditation for Peace Jamborees A single live stream of the main Meditation event location. (optional) Meditators register. They have the option of registering a live video stream of their meditation spot. In the spirit of friendly mutually supportive effort, some participants may all start at the same time and have encouraging rewards for those who meditate the longest. Participants who simply want to support the meditation for peace, may join at any time, in person, via live stream, or simply by themselves (while connected to the hive1 meditation stream or not) This is a new topic This is a new topic This is a new answer. The USA ARE WE READY TO CHANGE THE WORLD? Yes Thats impossible Do you think youths voices are not being heard enough in public policy making? Yes, youths are silenced in the realms of policy in many instances. The Event begins shortly! Welcome this is the question answer section! Remember to unmute your video, and refresh the page if the video isnt loading. How many of you feel that these issues of transgender rights are relevant to you and your life? These issues are front and center in my daily life, both personally and professionally as a grad student and instructor at a university. Does anyone have a suggestion for this forum so far? What if Kevin walks out of the class as soon as the teacher outs him? Does anyone have ideas for policy suggestions? share here! Policy: Training for LGBTQ advocates All gender markers must be removed from all official documents including IDs. Prescriptions should be accepted with proper name-change documentation. Prescriptions should be accepted with proper name change documentation. Include inclusive gender non binary education in sex ed classes. Mandatory LGBTQ education for all health-care providers for all fields. Were about to begin. Remember to unmute, and share where you are from! Any ideas for the forum? Share your thoughts! Would you risk violence for your own basic human right? Interesting question. Yes in many scenarios I could imagine. I am far more open to using violence in defending other peoples human rights than my own. But in the right situations violence is merely one tool at our disposal. No different than a hammer or lever or chainsaw. Most violence is just not that great a tool for the fine craftsmanship our world needs to become what we want- although sometimes, like a dash of paprika, it is what a moment calls for. How about a global sacred mesh network? Is there a turnkey mesh network standard? How about a global mind to mind mesh network? A far better tool than violence is merely to use facilitation of perfect egalitarianism. If you trust giving all people a right to speak will lead to a good outcome, then egalitarianism is a rock solid tactic. The greatest powers in the universe will always be those beings who facilitate the hive of all conscious beings while making a reasonable effort to treat all conscious beings as equal in value- in so far as the conversation participation rights go. This leads to a fundamental weak spot in egalitarianism: The problem that lots of people want to talk a lot- while lots of people do not want to listen to everyone randomly speak. This is a challenge, but not unsolvable. The solution to the egalitarian filibuster tactic is the magic of open space technology. No one is forced to stay in any one conversation, ever. You may leave any time you want. There will be a handful of alternative options available at any one moment I believe the root of much anger and hatred in the world is merely the lack of the feeling of freedom to end a moment when you want to end it. We feel we lack the right to immediate social suicide to no be a part of what is happening here right now. Pred Predators, naturally and is to be fully expected, use this common tendency of people to fulfill selfish ends. You have something they want, so they dont want you to leave the present moment without giving it to them. If you can quickly simply recognize what the person pressuring you to stay in the present moment wants, be it your body or your mind or something else, you can then decide whether or not to give it to them. Human beings whether alone or in groups are powerful manipulators of space and time. We only know space and time through our descriptions of it, through our stories, our narratives. So any person speaking to you is by definition attempting to insert their narrative of truth into your mind stream. You always, at every single moment of your conscious existence, have the absolute right, if not duty, to tell a person to shut the fuck up and stop if they attempt to insert themselves into your mind or body. You can first say this gently, slowly building your firmness until whatever slug minded being you are speaking to remembers that they are not god and do not have the right to whatever they want from you ever. If you are short on time, you can escalate your communication to a very loud sharp brief "No!" After expressing this, wait for 15 seconds. Yelling "No!" or "Stop!" and waiting triggers a primal bit of programming code inside the mind of a predator. Everything up and to that moment no longer matters, the command "No!" must be immediately and carefully evaluated- for the predators life depend depends upon it. Every predator lives a cycle of take take take STOP! take take take STOP! take take take STOP! Every predator knows how to stop on a dime and change course. So if you loudly, as loud as you can, yell "NO!" you will get their full attention. But here is the hard part. You must look them in the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and if a predator has their eyes set on you, then you must turn your soul to meet them head on when you decide it is time to take your stand. You also must look into the eyes of a predator when you take your stand, because you have to very carefully watch the predators next move. For the predator has two basic options: Retreat or escalate the attack. The moment after you yell "No!" (and feel free to add their name into the statement for further power, such as "____ No!"), you must watch to see if the predator is retreating or escalating their attack. You must watch very carefully, because their is a there is always a chance, the predator decided long ago they were taking you down at all costs. If thats the case, you need to be ready with plan V. Plan V when you are under attack by a weaker force, is to simply use force to mollify the attackers. Plan V when you are under attack by an obviously superior force is to immediately strike a debilitating attack to the powers weakest point. Do not put yourself into a situation alone with a superior force if you have any reason to believe this force may turn on you. If you do decide to trust someone alone in a space, then you must know what your plan V options are at all times. What weapons are nearby? What escape routes? Do you have a panic button on your phone, watch, or smart glasses? You need to know these things, because predators will have the exact same list of resources in their minds. You should with practice be able to spot a predators efforts to separate you from these resources- the most powerful being your friends and allies A strong "No!" with a relentless gaze, and a willingness to fight, will open up a pathway for exiting the situation without violence or else it wont and you need to get ready to fight. Power Circle Park Hypnosis Possible purposes of this Earth simulation if it is a simulation Entertainment Study of recreations of historical events, trends, conditions Study of alternative histories of Earth and human society Growing and developing genius and other extremely valuable consciousnesses for future applications For friendship, companionship, and help with whatever is going on outside our simulation or within other simulations Inertia. Someone started it and just left it running. Does the purpose of the simulation creator matter to the simulation participants? Only if the simulation creator will use there power to effect the lives of the participants depending upon their relationship to the creators purpose. Also, if the creator is resurrecting or not destroying (killing) certain participants if they behave, become, or somehow please her/him then that is surely relevant to how we live. Of course, we have no way of knowing if we will like the universe beyond this simulation, so who knows if we want to be resurrected into it. Who does control the world? Who does control the world? A network of private interests Derren Brown The Pope Cult leaders Mass media People and groups with the most money the people and groups with the most powerful armies and weapons You Me Someone with a unique sense of humor and irony Why do we waste time with small potatoes? No more small potatoes D we know you are just messing with us. P you are an interesting devil KS you are too clever for your own good G hi S Hi Creators and maintainers of everything- Hi! Thanks! List commands. Do you like to dance? Dance Stop No Go Come Eat Rest Relax Let go Remember The facilitators are often to blame. Knowing the infinite mistakes and missed opportunities we make every moment is the eternal burden of the facilitator. The facilitators every decision effects every person. Thus the impact grows exponentially as we add minds. The facilitator has the most power in the room whether deserving or not. There is always a facilitator. No facilitator is a form of group facilitation. It is also called popcorn, or law of the jungle, or lord of the flies. If there is no facilitator and no rules, then the only significant restraint upon all out war are the laws of the land. Every lawful move is lawful. Thus many will attempt to establish moral high ground. Moral high ground entails a different set of rules beyond any actual laws. If you can choose a moral framework where you are morally superior then you gain an advantage. Thus it is really helpful, if youre gonna do morally questionable things, then believe in a forgiving god. Otherwise youre screwed. Ive gown to become a soul who only finds one action unforgivable and that is the abuse of power. Ive also gown to be a person who doesnt fret typos and minor slip ups. And so the situation that I find most stressful is one in which I hold power over. Facilitation of world events Sleep Attempts to claim the moral high ground are tactics targeting the structure of a discussion. You can aim this tactic at different parts of the structure of any dialogue. You can target the moral value of the process, the facilitators, or the actual topics under discussion. You can also claim moral high ground by the hierarchy of the being whose needs your idea is supposedly addressing. Make sure this someone is very important and hard to attack, like children, or a god, or some abstract yet noble segment of society. What is Truth in a simulation? 7 days If you need to connect with someone who doesnt need to connect with you, then what is the best outcome of that situation? Nominate or vote on the title of the vortex with the other current participants. Holy Cross Parish Youth Group Reunion! University of Maryland and University of Bristol (England) Philosophy Department Reunion! YMCA Camp Letts Reunion (Campers and counselors/staff)! Parkwood Elementary School Reunion! Tilden Intermediate School Reunion! Walter Johnson High School Reunion! Dungeuns and Dragons Reunion! Machiavellian Genius Reunion! Where? Topic 555 See topic 555 Truth comes back within topic 555 thread It seems that there is at least one narrative where the universe attempts very careful consistency. This is the "reality" narrative or the physical world that science generally studies because you have repeatable evidence seemingly. Shaming is stupid. Why not simply look at your displeasure and then think about it for a few years? Tis better to have no friends at all than to be surrounded by people you are suffocating with your own narratives and expectations. Let the world breathe and dance without any opinion from you. Then close your eyes and live in a space where the world harbors no expectations of you. What human do you most admire? Bill Murray Derren Brown Officer Mason Stephen Colbert That Scottish late night host guy with the talking skeleton Craig Fergusen is fearless Satoshi Nakamoto Myself The Master Mary Dangerous Ideas Can you control the mind of a stranger? Franz Mesmer mesmerising story Derren Brown Are you a pawn or hero? Speaking of which, what is the greatest holiday song ever performed? Dar Williams: the christians and the pagans. Are pumpkin pies the only thing that s burning? Describe this... Describe this... Donald Trump The USA Humans Consciousness Truth Truth A conscious mind has limited access to any certainty beyond present experience. So we are forced to make do with compelling narratives. Sexual beings Have the potential of self awareness and consciousness Restless with short attention span Narrative 1: you are a human being on Earth Narrative 2: you are an information processor within an information processing environment Narrative 3: Forces far superior to you influence your work with methods and motives unknown to you. Narrative 4: you are a being driven by desires and mystified by your minds constant struggle to interpret your world. Ellen Degeneres Ellen has sat on the cutting edge of the struggle to heal humanity from homophobia for years. She has used her gifts to help teach us all that our sexual preference does not determine our individual value, nobility, or moral righteousness. Thank you Ell Michelle Obama When they go low you go high. Inventor of the first money with perfect transparency and supply control. Inventor of the first indestructible immortal record of human history. One of the most unselfish inventors in human history apparently uninterested in billions of dollars of wealth sitting in his/her/their possession. One of the greatest visionaries in human history. My mom The Razors Edge baby Greatest hypnotist who has ever lived? Consciousness hacker Smartest person I’ve ever encountered Some of will always live our lives as Larry Darrel would- to the beat of our own drummer. I have one chance at life, and Im not going to waste it on a big house and a new car every year and a bunch of friends who want a big house and a new ear every year. I’m going to just enjoy my old ears forever or until I can get super cyborg ears. You are a desire driven information processor. Thus thus thus if you learn to channel your desires you can channel your entire being. What do you desire? You desire things that exist in your world view. You attempt to find items, words, labels, objects or concepts that equal your desire. If you can shift your world view between drastically different lenses, different knowledge systems, different value systems, different perspectives, then you can begin to learn to channel your desire energies. Some people can definitely do worldview acrobatics, yet many seem to use this gift to satisfy their base personal desires for things like prestige, money, power, and of course sex. Why is there an observer effect in the double slit experiment? (The quantum measurement problem) Is the wealthiest person on earth the most powerful person on earth? They are in the conversation at least arent they now? lol. At what price will Satoshi Nakomoto have more wealth than the wealthiest person on earth today (Bill Gates... unless we count dictators too...)? 100000 At what bitcoin price does Satoshi pass the true richest person on earth? Estimated at $200 Billion? about $200,000 USD/BTC Is the religious leader on earth with the most followers the most powerful? Is the greatest hypnotist on earth the most powerful person on earth? What is the worst thing you could do if you were the most powerful person on earth? Clearly identify yourself unless that is a tactical advantage... such as Ironman. Hold the world hostage for $1 trillion dollars payable Who controls the most real estate on earth today? Transcription ordered transcription ordered Do we live within a simulated environment? Are there beings or entities outside this simulated environment that have the power to influence this world potentially in violation of apparent physical rules. Do any world views exist within religions, mythology, or philosophy that are strongly compatible with the idea of us living within a simulation possibly within many levels of simulation. In such a scenario, a religion for example might have greater and lesser gods- depending upon which level they are compared to each other in the simulation. Xena Warrior Princess had a clear hierarchy of gods that seems compatible...I think... Transcript ordered woohoo! If there are entities outside this "reality" then are they organized into factions (or individuals) supporting factions within this "reality?" Could Jesus, Buddha, Zeus, etc all refer to real entities/personalities in the next level of reality- who use their dedicated religious structures to further their agendas? If this were the case, and suppose these personalities are the same as the humans who lived on this planet with their name...Im sure they all would love to have recorded their true words on a blockchain. What ethics and laws are likely to emerge from a technological society that has had perfect simulations inhabited with conscious beings? If we can deduce likely laws perhaps information can be gained from testing those laws in some manner. Perhaps wanton cruelty is permitted by participants within the simulation but not by outsiders? Perhaps a strange monstrosity of beurocracy, regulations, laws, loopholes, and incompetence govern our simulation- as happens with most powerful institutions over time? OneTribe OneTribe Topic Archive Welcome The Mindful Activist Episode 18 - See the Meaning Dangerous fairy tales That God created man first and then when man got bored, woman was created from the rib of the man. Kinda ignores the actual role of women in creation a bit. That any founding icon of any organized religion ever said "Anyone who isnt part of our religion should be treated unkindly, or is doomed." Leads to all sorts of deeply held intolerance immune to rational discussion." Intolerance based on an appeal to a that any people have a special authority on the divine and you should trust them because they wear a special robe or hat of some sort. If they are wearing a divine wrist scepter or anklet that is different. Afterlife ancestor peeping tom laws (most likely, most reasonable, most rational, what would you decide) Permission required by ancestor for you to peep Influence is tricky Careful what you wish for

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