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  1. Why is there an observer effect in the double slit experiment? (The quantum measurement problem) tid:1259 (4) (hivelink)
  2. Who does control the world? tid:1134 (11) (hivelink)
  3. Would you risk violence for your own basic human right? tid:1088 (2) (hivelink)
  4. Any ideas for the forum? Share your thoughts! tid:1087 (0) (hivelink)
  5. Were about to begin. Remember to unmute, and share where you are from! tid:1086 (0) (hivelink)
  6. tid:1081 (1) (hivelink)
  7. Does anyone have ideas for policy suggestions? share here! tid:1077 (6) (hivelink)
  8. Does anyone have a suggestion for this forum so far? tid:1075 (1) (hivelink)
  9. How many of you feel that these issues of transgender rights are relevant to you and your life? tid:1073 (1) (hivelink)
  10. Welcome this is the question answer section! Remember to unmute your video, and refresh the page if the video isnt loading. tid:1072 (0) (hivelink)
  11. The Event begins shortly! tid:1071 (0) (hivelink)
  12. Do you think youths voices are not being heard enough in public policy making? tid:1069 (1) (hivelink)
  13. ARE WE READY TO CHANGE THE WORLD? tid:1066 (2) (hivelink)
  14. Whats Happening? tid:1055 (2) (hivelink)
  15. What are you most afraid of? tid:1036 (2) (hivelink)
  16. Does anyone need any help with anything? Is anyone feeling unsafe or threatened? Does anyone need a little support from a friend or ally? tid:768 (1) (hivelink)
  17. What is the most important thing in life? tid:544 (9) (hivelink)
  18. Spirituality tid:458 (2) (hivelink)
  19. What shall we talk about? tid:430 (27) (hivelink)
  20. The next Hive1 General Assembly will be attempted March 16, 2017 at 10 AM-12PM Pacific Standard Time. tid:429 (0) (hivelink)
  21. where is the javascript? tid:404 (1) (hivelink)
  22. do some more things tid:403 (0) (hivelink)
  23. What shall we talk about today? tid:385 (7) (hivelink)
  24. Welcome to the Hive1 hosted monthly global open general assembly. The third Thursday every month at 10 AM PST. Next GA Feb 16th. tid:351 (3) (hivelink)
  25. Any Question? tid:250 (1) (hivelink)
  26. Unleash the Fury tid:53 (4) (hivelink)

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