Are you in a universe where the major governments on earth and credible scientists and academics agree that UFOs are really flying around on your planet and have been for at least decades maybe longer? (hivelink)

Play Sorceress - The greatest real life role playing game in existence. Better than Risk. Better than Monopoly. Better and DandD. Better than Warcraft. Better then Lacerta.

  1. Sorceress Support Group, A group that supports Sorceress, sorceresses, sorcery, source, sauce, fun, dancing, truth, honesty, laughter. Players of Sorceress the game welcome. tid:4726 (1) (hivelink)
  2. Enter Sorceress, the town at the end of the earth, where the Salish Sea curves past the North Beach, and cappys walk beyond the woodland temple and across to the vortex sitting ready. tid:4676 (0) (hivelink)
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