Are you in a universe where the major governments on earth and credible scientists and academics agree that UFOs are really flying around on your planet and have been for at least decades maybe longer? (hivelink)

What do I know about aliens, UFOs, and the human coverup that is definite, likely, or speculative possibility that fits the definite and likely facts? We will build three sets of data here.

  1. What we know about reality, aliens, and ufos with great certainty and overwhelming credible evidence. tid:4625 (12) (hivelink)
  2. Highly likely items that fit the facts and logically connect with our best knowledge about reality, aliens, and ufos. tid:4624 (25) (hivelink)
  3. Speculative Possibilities about reality, aliens, and ufos that fit the facts and likely answers. tid:4623 (2) (hivelink)
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