Are you in a universe where the major governments on earth and credible scientists and academics agree that UFOs are really flying around on your planet and have been for at least decades maybe longer? (hivelink)

Could the key to understanding ufos, aliens, and all of human history be element 115? Described by Bob Lazar as the key to antigravity and then intersteller travel?

  1. Why would the most valuable material on earth be important? Element 115 implications. tid:4303 (0) (hivelink)
  2. AlienCon 2023 made me realize from a comment by JC... Element 115 could easily be used for weapons of mass destruction. This is important. tid:4302 (0) (hivelink)
  3. Bob Lazar said the advanced spacecraft he examined used a fuel source called element 115. He said it did not occur naturally on earth. tid:3427 (1) (hivelink)
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