What is the power hierarchy and or decision making process for alien groups in our solar system? What answers are most likely? (hivelink)

The aliens with the most Alien Bitcoin hold the most power over all technological resources which of course includes weaponry and all other forms of power.

  1. is it possible that after 55 million years, several alien technological societies could persist without ever inventing decentralized digital gold like bitcoin? Was bitcoin a surprise? tid:3311 (1) (hivelink)
  2. aliens would have spread out in the solar system and then The Moon is a Harsh Mistress tid:3305 (1) (hivelink)
  3. How much bitcoin are aliens holding right now? tid:3304 (0) (hivelink)
  4. Would aliens use the current human bitcoin as a form of currency or store of value or is the encryption technology in Bitcoin 2022 too weak? tid:3204 (0) (hivelink)
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