The Standing Rock situation Topic Archive (hivelink)

What are the key questions for us to understand about The Standing Rock Situation?

  1. What are the current live feeds from Standing Rock? tid:287 (6) (hivelink)
  2. What do we do when the law of the land is manipulated by private interests to threaten the safety and well being of the general population? tid:279 (1) (hivelink)
  3. Do corporate rights supersede the rights of humans and natural resources directly impacted by corporate actions? tid:278 (0) (hivelink)
  4. What should we do if we are opposed to the pipeline? tid:173 (5) (hivelink)
  5. What is the conflict between the protestors and the pipeline proponents? tid:172 (0) (hivelink)
  6. What do we the people want? tid:171 (0) (hivelink)
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