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November 2016 - Update

Hello world! is working on creating a 24 hour live crowdsourced audio video stream, we might affectionately call the Hivestream. Using the platform, a crowd of any size should be able to begin operating a functioning prototype of an egalitarian mass media governed by the wisdom of the crowd itself. This new paradigm of social media might then assist us in experimenting with flattened power structures in both online and in person groups, organizations, companies, and institutions.

If you want to help with this project, then please follow Matt Ready on Twitter or Facebook.

More to come.

May you find truth and love in your travels.

Matt Ready

Welcome to Hive1

A place to hang out with a few billion of your closest friends.

Some Generic Hive Information

The Current Question

The "current question" is set by the facilitator. It can also be changed by the facilitator based upon the feedback of all the participants. As a participant, you may sparkle up, sparkle down, or sparkle sideways at any moment during the session. "Sparkles" are a technology used in many activist groups as part of the live in person consensus process. During a live meeting or session, sparkling basically is just an expression of how you feel about whatever is happening in the meeting or session right now. We record your sparkle and associate it with the session and whatever the current question happens to be at that moment.

Text Answers

Anyone logged in may submit a new text answer to the current topic or question. These answers appear in the "Text Answer" section. You will soon be able to vote up or down these...depending upon when I insert that code. It's working...just need to migrate it.

Who's Been Here

Currently this lists the name of everyone who has ever entered this space. Soon we will make this more precise.


During live sessions the video is replaced with the live video feed of the facilitator

More Questions?

We have a never ending Reddit AMA going. You can ask questions there or here or over Facebook or email or Twitter or smoke signals or skype....

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