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Matt was at AlienCon 2023.

Hive1 Hyperdrive Text Browser Interface
(simple, fast, but not interactive like a smart robot.)

Hive1 Consensi Interface
(most functionality, but a little confusing. You can do anything here.)

The Hive1 3D Metaverse User Interface
(Explore the ideas mapped to a 3d growing web of doorways. Fully functional for posting text answers. Just find your way to utopia and you are home free.)

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Who is Matt Ready? Matt Ready is a 49 year old human born in Bethesda Maryland. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland College park with a Philosophy degree. He is currently an elected public hospital commissioner in Washington State. He is a student of life and UFO's and Aliens have become a priorty subject- because if something about that subject is valid, it changes pretty much everything. So what do you know about aliens, ufos, element 115, gold, annunaki, Enki, Enlil, Greys, Reptoids, Antartica, Hollow Earth, Hollow Moon, interdimensionals, psychic powers, telepathy, true ancient history... Please enter hive1 and let us find truth together. Please be polite and compassionate towards one another.

@MeditationMatt is Matt Ready